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How Dr. Mary Walker Was Bounced

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Dr. Mary Walker is i Standing nfliceseekor. Fur years her liloomis have hövered about ante-rooma of different Sccretarics, until Bhebaa beoome mich a bother that Beoretary Sliennan made nu order o the doorkeeper that she be n longer admitted to any part of the Department. To-day sheslipped by, and had reached the ante-cbamberof t!h' Secretary. Word was ai once .sent to flie Tenerabiagtay-bearded man who guards ; tlie uiuin door in Fifteentli Btpfeef. He walkod up t the eoooncl floor, and at ' unce töld Dr. Maiy tfaot slio ninsi go away. '.' Yoh q toliol]," oaeweretl Dr. M:irv, vigóroxúsly; "] Bhall i tiothingof tlièsort. " At lliis t!ic doorkoejicr made afeeible ]aHK ::t li(r, a ie said, 'Oome now, yon cöme out of t!m." At tiiis BiiKfí' st.icii oí violeuce Dr. Mary jumped ini'1 clackcd her bc els togetbor twice as lic dropped her bandüpoïi ft hip pocket, 8iyin, " You I:i v a hand on m' bbcI i will shout yon." The doorkeeper sawa a chance íor a llank movoment. He seizedDr. Maay's righi wrist, and then pnased his venerable arm ábyftt herí waiet. He then began to prope] ber . towflrd tbe street. !■. Mary kiciked hin ahina hÍJ tTie way ajad yclld innrder, greatly to tiiP anmsemetil o] fieione in I!h' baüways. After he liad piloteo! her to fche Btreef Upólogized lor in förced rough trciiinieut, und saii.l tii;t hex iinportunity hnd brougbt i nUmt. He askod hor to ptirdon bim, hut Dr. Mary refused, bitterly saying that tlio country shoultl yet ring witii this outrage committed upon a free-bom American zen.-


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