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Modern marriages, says a oontenipoporary, begiu with a eourt aud end with a cotirt. Aflfnttwtfs hare their pictures taken wheti fliey te yotttlgj ind when they are old their lithographs do not clejfíítl t ffotw them. Mubiatio acid, poured ou tlie wound made bt he bit" of i dog, may prevent hydrophobia, but thé best wav is to shoot the dog before he bites. Tite republie of Mexico covers an arca of 760,000 square miles, and is divided into twenty-three stutes, liaving a popnlation of abont 8,000,000. Bald-headed men are bo numerous in Chicago that au audience in that city is haitl to look, when viewed from above, like & cübble-stone paveinent. The man who returned ffottl the Oentennial without a modal is confident that he could have teken one if they had not been so caref ully guarded by policemen. The Paris, Lyons and Mediterráneo n r'aufofld exk'iidH over 3,195 miles, and the whole Bystertl, wh!n eottlpleted, will cover 4,423, a greater miloage thaü ttöy American road can show. The skeleton of the United States ship California, built eight years ago at a coet of $1,000,000, lies out at Hunter's Point, South San Francisco. The wreckers are grailually tearing it to pieces. Jrnnik (looking ui a milliner's windo;- ■" Don't ,rou think they are very prettrf' LiiKie (hotte thotlght areou the other side of the stfeet) - "Vefy, especially the one with the long, black side-whiskers. " Therf, are 448 public schools in Philadelphia, with nn agfcEBgate menibership of 99,291, of whom 49,602 are male and 49,689 femóle Bcbol&rs. The amount expended last yéái in support of these schools was il, 688,880, 02. The poet who wantod to be nGraliger, and wrote, " Beneath the tall tomato treo I'd swing the glittering hoe," was , not so badly informed as he seemed. Mr. í-íooU, Of Lob Avgeles, Cal., has a tomato vino, twenty-five feet higli. Aboit the time the Khedive's Bed Sea expedition to ent off the slave trafflc startcil on its mission the rare and attractive harem in tho Mofettish, consisting of 300 wliite sla ves, besides tho blacks, was brought to tlie hammer at Cairo. MARCH. The browu bml thicki-u ou UbB trrrp, Unbouml, Üic frre streams Bing, Ah Mjirch lfiwli forth acrofn the lian The Tsilrl and tfindy ttpriDg. ATcrc in the fiolils thn mItèd nnow LeavoH hollowH wann aud wot, Kre ui.-m v days wiU sweotiy blow The flrst blur 1olct. -Elizttbrth Akrrs Allen. Prof. A. Graham BkM, the inventor of the telephone, was bom in Edinlmrgh, in ScotlancL His father, Prof. A. M. Bell, who becaine noted as the inventor of a method for teaching deaf mutes to speak and of a universal system of phonography, is now living in Brandtford, Ontario. A man went mi a photographic gallery at Stockton, Cal., to sit for his likeness, and lorrowed the proprietor's watch and chain to adorn his person while hainng his picture taken, and when tlie operator took tlie plate mto tlie dnrk room walked off with the jewelry. The Scranton licpiiblicun says that an astonishing discovery has recently been made to the effect that all the marriage ceremonies pferformed in Pennsylvania have been illegal and consequently are not binding, so says an act passed in 1777, lately discovered among the archives at Hamsburg. The Burlington Gazette refused au answer to a statement that had been made in their paper on two grounds. First, that the answer was not competent. Second, that the writer of tlie answer had no business to know that the original article appeared in the Oazelte, fince his name was not on the subscription list. A correspondent relates in a paper at St. Helena, Cal., a story of a wonderful dog in Pope valley. The owner kopt heep, aud tlie dog herded them. Fïnally the sheep were sold to a Berryessa mau (au adjacent valley some ten miles away). The owner and the dog delivered the sheep and returned home. Soon after the man missed his dog, and searched forhiiu in vain. He was a valuable dog, and his loss was duly mourned for a couple of days, when, behold, up he carne from Berryessa with tlie wliole band of shoep, which he had brought safely home again. They have been experimenting in California in raisiug hogs upon grapes. Mr. Joseph P. Dow publishes in the Jiiisxiait Jtinr Flag an account of his experience in feeding a single porker. He tumed the animal into his vineyard with a woight of 1C0 pounds, and it remained there twenty-seven days, having nothing to eat during that time except the linest grapes, such as Flame, Tokay, Black Hamburg and Muscat. It was tlien slaughtered and weighed 163 pouuds net, equal to 203 pounds gross, sliowing a gain of forty-three pounds, or one and a half pounds per day. John Nathan, a negro, was killed in St. Louis by a man whom he was assailing with a knife. On Nathau's body was lañad tHemrn soars, nearly all from stabs recoived in street ftghts ; and he had innieted, it is said, many more wounds thau he had recejved, Anothcr noteworthy tliing about him was his belief in the efficacy of charms. In his pockets were found two potatofB, to ward off discase ; a rabbit's foot, which lie held in his hand "for luck" in throwing dice ; an horb, to enable him Ie choose ■winning numbers in policy j ing, and a peculiar shell to drive away evil spirit.


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