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In nnotlier place we have put togéther tho itomsol ncws ironi 'he scai oí war," as heral('c 1 fortli in uil paris of the Union in flaniiii" 1 Extras." About n tenlh part of these account! prove to bc true. Oflieinl despatches have been rqceiyedirom Gen. Taylor of ilie 3d and 5th inst. by which it nppears, that in mnrehing from the CJimp to l'oinl Jsnhcl, 2? miles, not an enegy could be founJ; iliat na attack on tho Texrm side of the camp w.-ia made or attempted: thnt lije buíldíñga n Maiainoras were but litiledam air.) y ihecannonnde: thnt nstead of 700 Moxicnns heing killed, iJie nunibcr was not Unown: t'.iu Gen. T.-.ylor. rwtoad oC being in dangero'f bóing uioli; about to aasu'iie the oflensivc: tli it bhiy eigKt or ten of the company oí Texañ Im-irs wcre los: mul that instead 15,000 or 21.000 .Mcxicans, the whole force on the Rio Grande does not exceed 4,000. Much oljjoction is made, "and I think justly, thoiigh not nltogether in llie way ntended. ngainst President Jackson, for his sriyin'g, in relation to the United States Bank- thnt he should interpret the Constitution according io his under standing of it. As an honest man, !ie could not interpree the conslitution in nny other way. Uut he errèd in this- that, the th.e constitutionality of the bank had boen !oferre(i to the Supreme Court of thg United States - that was a proper cause lor thnt tribunal - and that the bank has been declared tobe Constitutional by that tribunal. T Kis ought to have satisfied the Presileni; for tlie question of bank or no bank sontained in it aólhing that was essentially right or wroi.g. It' it had been a nexo question, he was right. If an old question, which hadnevr hoon decidnd on, by the proper tribuun!, bul which he wishes to restore to its :onstitutional independence, against nri:ious and pervortod prnctice, he would have been right. As it was, however, tio was wrong and