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Tire Britaninia arrived at Doston at G o'ciock A. M., May 2UU She !eñ Liverpool on the 5th insf. No change in flour. The corn trade rémairis in a very unsalisfactory state. - Operatiöns in trade, merely to süpply thcir immedjate wants. This lethargy will continue until the fate of the Corn bilí is (Jecidetl by the House of Lords. Public men are sanguine that the Peers will press the bilí, and a personal friend ol o.ur own, a popular member of the j Mouso, last night said the opinión was well grounded that Peei's measure will pass through their remaining stages, without the country being put to the agony of a dissolution. We henr a di.ssolution spoken of at the clubs, but it proceeds from those who are inimical to the free trade principie. - Every rêvplving dny convinces me that the consnmntion of our triumph s at hand. You maysaffily announcn this to your American readers as a fact. The writer has the entree of the best politicnl society in London, and we rely with the greatest confidence on his statement, as we have been previously indebted for valuable information, and suggestions from the sanie high and unexcpptionablcsource. The cotton matket sustains the improved fceling that ruled when the last stenmship left. The ascertained deficiency in the last erop is the pritnury caue of th (irmness. The Enylish funds have risen a shad in consequence of the greater abundnnc of money, and upon the whole the com mercial prospects of the last are more en couraging than those of the previou fortnight. The House of Commons has bee brought to a voto upon the first readin of the Irish Coerción Bill. It passec 273 to 175 - a major ily of 144. It is a matter of less impurtance in iself than as it clears the road for the fiscal measure of the Government passing through their remaining stops. On the 4th inst , the Corn Bill would occupy the attention of the House, and in 10 days from this time the judgmen of the Lords in thnt important measur will probobly be known. Mr. Sraith O'Brien, one of the Irish members, is in the custody of the sergeant-at -nrms, for not attending in his place, as a inember of the Kailroad Committee. AMERICAN PRODUCE MARKET. During the past month out produce market was pervaded by some distress which has characterizod it since the spring of the present ycar. Tho want of confidence in every deparf ment of business, causing a general indisposilion rto enter uponany extensivo operafions that could be avoided. The transactions of the möhth have in consequence been much restricted, and p rices of all kinds of produce have been forced down tosuch rales as involve heavy losses to importéis. The pressure for money is however somewhat reüeved. which is mainly owing to the efficiënt measures now being adopted by Parliament, to stny all furlhér progress in all railroad sciiemes, which a mojorityoftheshare-holdertsmay desire to abandon. A considerable: nniTiber of the newly formed corbphnica will, conscqucntly be dissolvcd, and the w))ole of the deposites on such shares, after dedueting the incurred expenses, ainounting to a largo sum in tho nggregatc, will thus be sel free, much to the advantagc, not only of the purties immediately conoerned, bul also to the trading interests of thecountry. Cïikkse. - There has been a considerable reaclion. The low p rices to the article feil in March, Inving attracted the atlenlion of the trade more gcncrallv American, which resul led in .such a domand, ihal iho market bas been almosl cleancd. The whole quantity in first hands now not bcing over 60 tons, we advance our quotations 4s. cwi. We have had a small import of Butler fróm New York. Thequalily and price rather irregular, but at tlie same time giving promise of a future trade in ibis urticle, nnder ihe reduced duties. We are still unable to report any satislactory business in oúr corn market, the (rade tiaving been kept in anxious suspense, waiting llie resultof tho corn bill, which is vet undecidcd. Therc isliltle doubt as to the measure passing, and ari opinión i's gcnerallv cntertained that some decisivestep will be taken by the Govornment lo basten the act ion of the Legislalu're, in case decisión is not come to mmedknely. ín the meanlime, thé posilion óf Ireland is every day booriiing more critica! in regard 'o the neecssary supply of food - lamine having alroady carried off some victims! In bonded stuf}', ihere bas not boen much done, the prospects of ihe maiket and the posjüon of money matlcrs being such as lo discourage speculation. Sales have been made of Western Canil Flour at 2ös. Gd to 26s. 6d, and one or two pareéis of prime white and mi.xed yheat at 7s. per 70 Ibs., at which rates herewill be considerable iuss to imporers, as the Cunadian importa will begin o anivc, probably, aboüt the time wln-n ho whole of our present bonded stock vill bc coming on. Our markels have continued fo this ime well sopplièd w'iih home growii vhent. but principally of such inferior [UaJity as to require a large admixlure of forcign ; and as the holders will not pay he present high duty, there is a greatwant of foreign, which has caused higher prices to be paid for such. In other free nrticles ihere is litile cliange to note, except in Indian corn, whicli sells freely on arrival at38sto408 for yellow, and -listo 42s for white, and Indian meal at 17s to 18s per bbl. War Memlcrs. - In the British House of Cominons there are 2 Admiráis, 1 General, 1 Lieutenant General, 7 Major Generáis, 22 Coloncls, 32 Lieutenant Coloneis, 7 mnjnrs, G8 Captains of the "rmv and navy, 12 L'eutennnts and 2 Cornels, mnking a total of 153 lrgislators, :ntcrested in the consumption of gun)owder. This accounts for the great extent of appropiations made by Parliament for the increase of the nrmy and navy. It is saidihat Sir Robert Peel isabout to propose loParliment, that Prince Albert be elevated a notcli higher; that is, inslead of "Prince Consort,' he be "King Consort.' This rncasure arises from the annoyance the Queen suffers, on every public occasion, from tho facf, that monarchical etiquette awards to the Prince only secondary honors, It is supposed that the people will receivo this rather novel move with some complaining. The cxaltation necossarily requires an increased revenue, n order to "upbold thedignity" of the King. Chinese Si;gau - The Ënglish papers soy that China can supply that country with sugar to an unlimiled amount, and that already 20,000 tons have been shipped. The sugar is of a good quality, white and crystalized. Price, about 31s. per cwt, including first cost, freight, &c. Being the produce of free labor, it will bc admitted at the low duty. On Saturday the Agerma, 500 tons, nrrived in St. Katherine Docks, from Boston, wiih 25 cases of turkeys, geese, and capons ; also, six boxes of red reindeer of superior quality. Thcy were pickcd in ice to preserve them. We believe this to be the first importation of the kind. Upwards of7,000 tons of whito gravel have been shipped from New York to London, sincethe Mth of September last. It is taken frorn the beach at Longlsland, and used to beautify the pnrks nnd gardens of London. The electric telegrnph it appears is about to be established over tho whole exteöt of the Midland company's railroad in England. The lamentable accidenls on thisroad have induced the directors to adopt this for further protection, as well as to facilitate business. The extent oí the road is 180 miles, and the cost of the telegraph is to be from thirty to forty thousand pounds. This is enormous: it would not cost in the United States on fourth part that sum. English specua tors are making vast profits out of the roads. the last four months th increase in trnfiïc upon the Great Wes orn road has been jCGOSO over the sam period last year each month; and the irj crease during the half year ending Is January, was no less than jCS5,000! SCOTLAND. A corespondoni of the Libcrator, now in Scolland, J. N. Bufiuin, represents intemperanceas the great sin of the country, and prevailing amongall classes. In the city of Glasgow, thoy havo bctwixt two and three tliousand whiskey shops, which are open on Sundny, to supply all who are zpiritiudhj inclined ; while thei bread shops are closed, lest somo on might desecrate the Sabbuth by feeding ihe hungry. Dr. Wardlaw is a pritóirca] drinkei and has preached latcly in favor ofdrin king, tlolending it on scriptural grounds. In Porth, they have 20.000 iiihabitants„ and 350 whiskey -shops. Twonty of these are kopt by the members of onc Cliurch! All the ministers, with bul one exception, are whiskey drinkers, and he indulges in wine. Dundee, Arbroalh, Montrose and Aberdcen présent the same faets. But some are taking a slrong stand againüt iiitemperaiiee, and the interest on the part of the people increases. LIBERIA. There is, in Liberia, an apprbííticeship SYSTEM. Kecaptured sla ves, landing in the colony, are apprenticed by the goyernmeni to the colonista for sevèn years. They are not allowed any choice in the matter. They shall nol if they prefer il, return to their own homes. POLAND. [Iii Louisiana, a few weeks since, a a band of oppressod men oried out, "Liberty or De.Vth," but wcro iiñsuccesstul. The leaders were shot, and all the adult laborers on the plantation severely flogged witlj the cari u hip by American Republicans. Nov rcad the folloving, and see how closely Bmperors arid Re)iiblicans agree in practise:] The unfortunate Pole?, engnged in the ato insirrrectionary nib'vemerr, are bcJiigdispntched without mercj'. It istated bat in two days afier the Austrinn auhoritios in the Grand Dutchy of Poicui ffered live dollars a head for every I'oish noblemnn, dead or alive,no less ;lian byr huiidred were erneüy tnossacred. The leaders of the insurrectionary movement at Siedice, near Warsaw, have ilready received their pimishment. Poozki has been hanged al Siedico ; Kocihevski and Sarski have been hanged at Warsaw; Dobryish and Rupprecht, hoth enteneed to be hanged, had their lives ared but are aVgraded from.the'r rank nd condemned' to exile and hard laborin Siboria; Mireski and Deskur were made to pass bcncath the gallovvs, and kept at hard labor. CALIFORNIA. Capt. Fremnnt and his party were in California in Fcbruary, and visiled tiio U. S. Consul at Monterey. The amount of duties paid by American vessels at tliis port in lSl;vas .$60,320 - being four times t hc amount paid by all othernations.


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