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The Doctor's Story

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Deaeoii Bogeïs, lio carne to mo ; Wifc is agoin' to die," d hc. JDoctorn grent, an' doctors fur.all, Haven't iaipcoved lier uuy at aft. " Pbysíc and blister, powiïcrs and pilla, And nothing Burc but the doctors' bilis ! " Twenty women, with remedios new, Bothcr my wlf the whole day through. ' Swc-et as honoy, or bittor as gall - Poor old woiaan, she takes 'cm a!l. 11 Hour or sweot, whatever thoy cIioohc ; Poor old wonian, Flie dareii't refuee. So she pleases whoc'or may cali, An' Death is suited the best of all. " Pbyöic and blister, powder an' pül- Bound to eonqucr, and aurc to kill !" Mrs. Rogers lay in her bed, Bandagcd and blistcred from foot to hOftd BHstored and bandagcd from hcad to toe, Mrs. Bogcrs was very low. Bottle and nancer, spoon and cnp, On the table stood britvely np ; Physics of high and low dogree ; Calomcl, oatnip, boneset tea ; Every thing a body could bcar, Exceiting light and water and air. I opened the blinds ; the day was bright, And God gave Mth. lïogers boiuc light. T opened the window ; the day vfls fair, And God gave Mrs. Hogers attuLC air. Bottles aud blistem, powdere and pills, ( :iiiip, boncBct, sirnps and squills ; Drugs and medicines, high and low, I threw thexn as far as I could throw. " AVhat are you doing ?" my patioïit cried ; M Frightening Death I" I cüoliy replied. " Yon are crazy P' a visitor Raid ; I flung a bottlo at his head. Deacon Eogers, he emne to me : " Wife is a-gettin' her health," raid he. " I really think she wül worry through; She Bcoldti me just as she used to do. " AH the peoplc have poohod au' slurrod - All the neighbora have had thcir word ; " 'Twere botter to perisli," som e of 'cm say. " Than be curcd in such an irregular way." M Your wife," said I, " had God's good care, And His remedies, light and water aud air. " All of the doctors, lieyond a doubt, Couldn't have cured Mrs, Kogers without" The deacon smüed aud bowed bis head ; " Tlien your bül ie notliingj" lic said. " God'j be Ihe gloiyv as you say ! God bless you, tloctor, good-day ! g"ood-d:iy !" If eWT 1 doctor that womau again, I'll give Uer medicine made by meu.


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