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Milk As Food

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Chemioal analysis discloses tho fact that among tho many articles used for food there are only two, wheat and milk, which contain BO tho rlemeuts of the human body, and in tho proper proportion. Otlier articles, sucli as butter, sugar, sirup, and fat of all kinds, are wholly oarbonaceons, or heat-prodncing, so that, if a human being wero to attompt to live on thcso articles alone, his brain and muscles would starve. By actual experiment it has been found that a man eould not survive two months on snch a diet. Cmtïous occurrence in a Newbnrg, N. Y., church a week ago Sundayhiglit. The deacott explains it m this way : He stat in the corner of hifi pew, two little boys carne next, and beyorul them TOB a sharp-visaged woman. He leaned back, rested his arm on tlie back of the seat, touclicd somebody's hand, and, snpposing it to be a child's flst, covend it with his own and pressed it. Hnddcnly tho lady in the v sliriekod : " ïoil had botter look out; 111 slap yonr ïftcè ;" and the bewüdered deacon rectnvol li stinging blow across tlio inoutli. The deaooa soulit refngo in thè open Air, and the congregation gossipcd ifter Uw Inuiediction. A special committee of the Oomimm Couiicil of Lexington, JCy., has vvi::ií the tiMvclin;-1; i'oinnninity tht tfee fcrestle now iiHcd )y tlic Kciitncky ('cnlral wilroad in Eossiag the tioniavilii , t ' n -i 1 1 nati and Lexington railrpa ! md tne Frankfort pike at Lexiugton isunsafe,, and likely to be the oauso of disaster,


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