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A Plucky Schoolmarm

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The dLradglery of the sohool-room may drive tlio sirhoolmistresscs of England and Wisoonsiu into insainity ahd suicide, luit the Canadian teachers thrive and grow fut on il. One of the big schoolboys of the Dominion asked his teacher oaie night if he oould escort lier home f rom smging-solioal, but she politely decliiicil thé offer; He neglected his studies, rail uway from Bchwol, and put pins iuto liis sciioolmat.s. Shè flnally lost p'atiencë and gave hun a íio;ging. The boy told his fatber that the fair áaa whom he had oourted had turaeej and whipped Mm. The indignant parent sued the tejfxjher and obtained irjudgmont for 0.50, whieh she paid. Tlie nes! m'érAing shé miaar&ed to her schol:■!■:■. : '■ ! li;i v. ■ whipi.'-"liiboiil)y Kouudly, 'icli j)Jc;!f;iir.' oost oiily tbree dollars n: ■ !i it. Now, if any othersofmy ,] i :,i-: ■ iu.'liucd I) iiiiilatehim, they will liíivo the kindaess to step forward, receive the money tod tlio flogging, and tlien wc will go ou witli our studies. I am heve to instruct you. not to bo courted." NervonsnesB -will nevor kill off so phicky a sohoolmistresB.


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