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The Causes Of Violent Death

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The violent deaths in Great Britain in 187-1 werc no lcss tiian 17,020, tho highest mimber ever registered. There were 18 exeeutions and 1,592 suicide, ho that 16,31C may bo classed as unexpeeted. Kailways killed 1,249, home conveyances 1,313, and it is noted that tbose modes of eonveyance which are mostly peenlw to cities were not responsible for this great slaughter. Street, or so-callod horse railrouds, killed 62 persons, omnibuses 55, cabs 81, and carriages 82, and these numbers show how great is the skill and eare exercised in the orowded streets of eities. The souroe of the remaining 1,053 deaths by horses is not given in our authority (a Scotch paper), but it is probable that exerase in the saddle had muoh to do with them. There ■svere 942 deatlis in coal mines, and 118 in copper, tin, iron and other mines. Lightning killed 25, sunstroke 90, and ' cold 114. There were 461 persons poisoned, about one-third being suicides. The bite of a fox, of a rat, of a leech, the scratoh of a cat, and the sting of a hornet each killed one pexson, and two were stung to death by wasps. Of otlier noteworthy causes of death, it is meationed that a girl 14 years oíd died m ohildbed.- ( for May.


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