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Strawberby Salad.- Piek, wash, drainandtosscrisp, tender lettucc leaves red them up fine in the salad bowl, and pour over them some strawberry juice, and serve at once. Nütbitious Composition.- Take equal quantitiea of sago and cocoa, mix them, pnt a table-spoont'ul in a pint of boiling water, and boil the wliole together for a few minutes with constant stirring. IIegularity.- It is not only necessary that our dict should be wholesome, but also that it should be taken at regular periods. Borne persons imagine that long fasting will atone for excess, but it is not so ; it generally makes matters worse. To Makb Exceilent Minoe-Meat. - Take a pound of lean btief and boil it ono hour ; tUen chop it as fine as possible ; suet, raisius, ciu-rnnts and apples, one pouud eaeh ; two ouuces of candied citrón ; a quarter of a pound of almonds. Ohop cacli separately until you cannot, distinguish what they are. ; then mix the whole well and add one pound of sugar and a gilí of brandy. Stkawbeery Gem Taets.- Mukc largesized gems in the usual mannerf rom fine Graham llour, Demg cariuiu uuu m .7.10.1. them too hard. When done lot them stand ten or fiftoen miuutes to steam, thcn split open md iill cadi half with BÍrawberries with or without BftgBt, add a spoonful of strawberry juico swectened, if it will hold bo much, and serve at once. Samkatus. - TÍiere can bc no doubt thatthe frec use of saleratus, BO much consumed in biviu], is exccssively injurie ms to the human system. It is particularly liable to induce muscular prostration or paraiysis, and is suro to iiijure the digestivo organs. Of course it is most fatal to children, whose delicate ol-ganizatóoé is more sensitivo than that of grown persons. How to Shape Botas.- Koll out the dough when quite light, and cut with a. Kood-sizcd cutter or tumbler. Dip a clean foather into melted botte and brush lightly over the dough that as cut then fold each circle into iv crescent or 'half-moon shape; prick on the top, and place in the flat biscuit pau to rise. When very light bake full twenty mmutcs in an oven so hot that one could not hold the hand in it long enough to count more than twenty without great diseomfort. Game of all kinds, birds, rabbits or deer, can be kept iwöe a long time by iinely pulvcrized chiirooalmathmmuslm bag placed inside the game. Ohajigo the charooal every day, and wash the moat clean before cooking. Tare a íresh lemon very careíully, without breakiug the thin, white inside skin, put it inside a wild duck aud keep it there for iortyeight hours, and all the tisliy taste so disagrëestbllB in wild fowls will be removed The lemon should be removed tsod a fresh one put in its place foiteu as every twelve hours. - Mra. 11. W. Beecher. in ühristim L'nion.


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