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The Senate Has Passed A Bill Which

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looka to the legaliztion of speed tnal at county an other fairs : or as Josh Billings calis thein "Agricultural horse trots." Ex-President Grant is to writo a book : " A hiatory of his services in tho Union aTmy, as well as in the position which he aftorward held as Chief Mag istrate of the nation." Pursuant to hi old policy of nepotism, it is to be edite( by a cousin of Mrs. Grant, - a Mr Smith, of Pennsylvania. The Republican members of the South Carolina Legislatura recognized Hamp ton's title as Governor on Tuesday by putting in their appearance at the called soesion. The Senators oould have made trouble by absenting them selves and breaking a quorum. Hamp ton is evidently maBter of the situa tion. The Chicago Inter-Ocean has evident ly diücovered that cloud in the sk; no bigger than a man's hand, 80 signifi oant of the coming storm. Witne6 this : "Thereseem8 to be muoh fear that the Repubhcan supremaoy in the Senate, which has continued unquestioned for six teen years, is about to be lost.' The Ocean doctor is good at ding nosis. THE followino wasa minor telegram in tho Wednesday morning dailie " Cannons wero fired and flags thrown to the breeze at Malone, N. Y., Tuesduy in honor of tho settlement of the Louisiana question." Vice-President Wheeler lives at Malone. Should his friends be so happy over a result that, if right brands him a fraudulent Vlce-PreBident? James G. Blaine has seen the San Francisco-Frank-Pixley story that at the ooming special session of Congress he (Blaine) was to offer a resolution es-tablishing a high court of appeal, to be constituted of the chief justices oi the several Stata Supreme Courts, with power to decide npon the olaims o: Hayes or Tilden to the Presidency, anc says : " I have already telegraphed that it is the invontion of a lunatic or idiot. It cannot bo possible that anybody is ass enough to believe it." In tiie Superior Court, Detroit, on Tuesday afternoon, the second trial in the Rwilly-Scripps libel suit was concluded with a verdict of $5,000 against against the defendant,- an increase of $500 over the verdict given on the first trial. What are we coming to in thig land of froe speech when a newspaper fellow can't cali ñames, throw mud and filth, and publish all sorts of sensational articles without being hauled over tho coals by a perverse judge and ignorant jury! m i i i ii ■ uw On Mondat the Senate passed Ilouse bill No. 238, "A bill to provide for the cousolidation of tho Young Men's Society of Lansing and tho LauBÍng Library and Literary Association of Lansing " into ono corpoiation, to be called " The Library Association of Lansing Miohigan." lf the Legislatare cannot pass an act incorporating an association by the title last given,- as it clearly cannot, - oan it "whip the devil around the stump " by an act of consolidation ? In other words, is the consolidating act either more or less than an act of incorporation ? We ask for inforraation. Daniel G. Laxe, lately a resident of the West Indies but about to settle in Crawford County, Iowa, has written to the Council Bluffs Qlóbe advising farmers to plant two graina of flax Beed in each hill of protect the erop against potato bugs. He says " this will prevent them from injuring the potatoos, they will not go near the flax.' He also says of the grasshopper scourge : " Burn ono pound of sulphur on charcoal, in the center of a field, and save what it has taken so muoh toil to develop." He says that these simple remedies have ptoved effoetual in the West Indies to stop the ravages both of the grasshoppers and the potato bugs. ■ - - i The Boston Travelier advises Packard to " stick." It says : " He has rights which wore imparted by the same authority as insured the Presidont's rights, and ho has duties to perform which are due to the same constituency that mado it possible for the President to perform tho duties of his office." "Very likely, but then you know that the " High Joints " decidod that a fraud porpetrated in aid of a Presidential election was a sacred fraud and couldn't be inquired into, - ater tho fraudulent electors had cast their fraudulent votes and foisted a fraudulent President upon tho nation. Fraud has no such sacred foothold or foundation in a State, and Governors have been ousted after entering upon duty. If the Iteturning Board could have elected Packard President instead of Governor he would have been all right. The Ypsilanti Commercial is thoroughly disgusted with Hayes and his " policy." Ho was " a policy candidato ;" was " the very hardest man in reality to elect ;" he did not " exort " - we presume Bro. Tat. means excite - " one partido of enthusiasm, even in his own State;" ho " was nominated by the skin of his teeth ;" and then, remeniber Pat. says it, " by an unconRtitutional method, by bargain and sale, pronounced elected." And now for Pat's conclusión : " If we are ever found supporting a policy candidate again it will be when we havo become as crazy as George Francis Train and older than Methuselali." And not satisfied with that, knowing full well that " compari8Ons are odious," this : "How grandly different would have been tho result with that noble statesman, James G. Blaine." If Hayes shall chance to Ree the CommerciaVs Bplurge he will C. O. D., which letters mean " como oraejiately down ;" and if Georgo Francis Train knows our ootemporary he will consider that reference to his insanity the unkindest cut of all. The Senate on Friday last, by a vote of 27 to 3, passed tho long-pending and vexatious joint resolution "authorizing the appropriation of money to liquídate the indebtedneas and pay the salaries of the employés of the Miohigan State Centennial Board of Managers.1' The House ought to ooncur at once. It was necessary for the Managers to expend the moneys they did, in excess of the appropriation made, or let the interests and reputation of the State suffer, and they should certainly be reimbursed. JUDGE Sl'OFFOliD, who has just been eleoted United States Senator by the newly organized Legislature of Louisiana, or rather by the Legislature sinoe the accession of tho Packard branoh, is one of the loading conservativo oitizons of the State and one of the ablest lawyers. He was one of the counsel for the Demócrata and Oonservatives before tho Returning Board, and enjoys the confidence of the entire people, as is shown by tho fact that the Bepublican members, or nearly all of theui, gave him their votes. He is a brother of A. W. Spofford, so long the Librarían of Congress. Packard fircd his partiug sálate on Wednesday, the fiteenth anniversary of the surrender of New Orleans to the forces of the United States, and "stepped down and out," waiving "none of his legal rights, but yielding only to superior force. He holds the President and and his Coiniuission responsible for his downfall. Alexander, Czar of Russia, formally declared war against Turkey on the 23d inst. We don't take any stock in a long or general war, and speculators in wheat, stocks, etc., will do well to be a little cnutious.


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