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James Morgan to Franklin B. Green, the northeast quarter of section 14, and a part of the southeast quarter of section 11, Pittsüeld. SI 6,000. Silas Thompson to Thos. G. Burlingame, lot on División stroet, between William' aud Jeffersou streets, Ann Arbor. $3,400. Mary A. Williams to John A. Lewick, part of section 22, Lima. $10,200. George J. Kempf to Charles W. and J. J. Keinpf, part of sectiou 5, Pittsfield. $5,000. CorneliuB Aultraan to William F. Allen, 40 acres off section 27, Bridgewater. $1.050. Ira L. Carpenter to Jacob J. Mnyer, 40 acres off section 18, Superior. $1,600. Olney G. Perry and Jasper G Drake to Frank C. Armstong, part of section 32, Ypsi-iii t l. $5,550. Nelson H. Isbell to Levi H. Iloynolds, lot corner Ann Arbor and McKay streeta, Saline. $1,900. Mynder H. Mather to Ella E. Berger, 20 eres off section 11, Manchester. $1,500. Luther E. Allen to Adaline A. Sutherland, ot 4 and pait of lts 7 aud 8, ürmsby & Page's additioii to Ann Arbor. $2,000. Wm. E. Udell to H. M. Eaton, 60 acres off ection 26, Ypsilanti. $2,700. Andrew Coon to Philetus Coon, part of lot in block 4, Manchester. $1,500. Jacob Van Huson to Mahaha Van Huson, 1 ere adjoimng M. C. R. K. on Depew road, Ghelsea. $1,000. Charles H. Woodruff to Anna E. Nichols, 8 eres off section 34, Aun Arbor. $556. Alfrod Miller to Daniel Day, part of lot 33, ieuuett's additiou to Saline. $1,000. William Homer to Jennie E. Greenman, 50 eres off section 10, Augusta. $3,000. Charles Freibus to August Freibus, 40 acres ff sectiou 24, Augusta. Í400. John S. Beach to S. C. Wilkinson, lüO acres ff section 4, Salem. $6,00U. Wirt Dexter to W. W. Tozer, lots in blocks 0 and 41, Dexter. $600. Jacob G. Kloek to Goorge W. Kloek, lot at ntersection of Congross and Normal streets, Ypsilanti. $2,000. Harriet Truix to Angie Hice, lot 21, Stuck's addition to Ypsilanti. $500. Alvan W. Chase to George S. Morris, house nd lot on División streot, Ann Arbor. $3,500. Dolos Showerman to Leo L. Forsyth, lots 18, 9 and 20 in Huuter's addition to Ypsilanti 4,000. John Bunton to Hiram Markham, part of ection 3, Augusta. $900. James H. Vandevwarker to James If. Vanerwarker, a part of section 7, Augusta. $350. Joseph Martin to Kobert C. Hayton, 10 icrcs orner of Harriet and First streeta, Ypsilauti. 1,800. Lee L. Forsyth to Delos Showorman, 100 eres off sectiou 6, Augusta. $7,350. Wm. W. Wines to Isaac O. Handy, lot near rner ot Ingalls aud Alouroe streets, Ann Arbor. $1,500. Baptist Church of Salem to James Tennant, ) acres off section 1G, Salem. $800. Charles E. Latimer to Hiram Kittridge, part f block 3 north, range 13 eaet, Aun Arbor. 450.


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