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The University In The Legislature

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Lansing adrices say that the House Committee on the University was to report yesterday, recommending the following appropnatious tor 1877 and 1878 : For School of Mines, $21,000 Professor of Oeology. ó,()()() Physical Laboratory, 2,000 Professor ot Physics, i,000 Hospital, 1,000 Physiological Laboratory, l,0UI) General Laboratory, 5.0U0 Dental School, 9,000 Apparatus for Dental School, 1 ,500 Addditional Building for Dental S„ 4,000 Astronomical Department, 1,600 Exteuding time iu Medical Dept., 10,000 Also without recommendation : the bill appropriating $20,000 for the purchase of the Stoere collection, the bill appropriating $75,000 for a museum building, the bill appropriating $10,000 for a library building, and the bill relativo to the Bishop donation. Also againat the the two bilis repealing the oue-twentieth of a mili aid law of 1873, and tha bill eatabÜBhing an eclectic medical department. - If it is just and right for the Legislatura to malee the appropriations recommended, it will be wrong to refuse to make them because the Regenta, sworn guardiaus of the University, may uot see it to be their duty to comply witli certain understood demanda of the Legislature or the lobby. The Beobnts. - Pursuant to the following request, handed to Dr. Angelí on the evening of the l'Jth inst., he has, as we understand, called a special meeting of the Board of lCegents for Tuesday evening next, May 1 : To the President of the University. The undersigned Regonts, in view of the best iuterests ot the University, and with an earnest desire to secure harmony with the Legislature iu the matter of just and necessary appropriations, aak that a meeting of the Kegonta be calied at the earliest day practicable, in conformity with the by-laws of the Regenta, and that the chainhan of the Senato and also of the House (Joinmittoo on the University be iuvited to attend auch meeting for consultution túuching all matters referring to the important financial interests of the University, including the much needed appropriations. (Signed) C. RTND, AXD1ÍEW CLIMIE, J. ESTAflROOK, Regenta. The " tone " of the request certainly indicates that the signing Regcnts recognize the Legislature as mostors of the situation and are ready to " aecure harmony " on auy terms. We shall see what we bhall see. Lovejot'8 Bond.- The City Attorney exhibited to us a few days ago the bond of exRecorder Lovejoy, for hia first term, given in the aum of $500, with Henry S. Dean as aurety. Recorder Seyler touud it among the tiles of bis office. The boud is conditioned upon the payment of all moneys coming iuto his hands as Recorder, and as under the charter and ordinances not a dollar of money should go iuto the hands of the Recorder, the defense of the boudsman is easily guessed at. We understand that ouly about $200 of the alleged deficiency occurred during the first term for which the bond was given. The second term boud has not yet turned up, and when it doesi if ever given, the complication and dispute will arise that did between ex-Treasurer Webster's two sets of bondamen. Wheu the Commou Council shall learn to make prompt annual settlements with every financial officer one advauce step will have been taken toward afety.


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