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nepoHX of the condition of the First National Bank of Aitn Arbor At Aun Arbor, in the State of Michigan, at thcclose of business, April 14, 1877. EE80UECES. Loans and Discounts, - - Í2G1.382.26 Overdrafts, ----- 420.4S U S. Bouds to secure circulation, - 105.00O.U0 Othcr stocks, bouds and mortgagcs, - 17,850X0 Due from approved Reserve Ageuts, - 17,652.61 L)ue from State Banks, - 15,(541.01 Keal l-M .iti-, furniturc and fixtures, - 19,000.00 Curreut expenses and taxes paid, - 1,582.51 Checks and other cash items, - - 771.72 Bills of other National Banks, - 1,'J-ll.OO Fractional curruney (iucïudiug nickuls), 407.77 Specie (includiug gold Treasury notes), 1,520,00 Legal tender notes, - 28,2i3.00 Itedemption Fund with ü. S. Treasurer (5 per cent, oí circulation), - - 4,725.00 ♦476,127.88 LIABII.ITIES. Capital stock paid in, - - - 8150,000.00 Surplus fund, - 50,000.00 Other undivided profits, - - 80,314.30 National bank notes outstanding, - 93,8u0.00 Iudivic ual deposits subject tocheck, $105,147.79) Demand ccrtiücatea of y 143,053.47 dtposil, 37,05.68J Due to other National Banks, - - 831.56 Notes and bilis re-discounted, - 8,12480 Í476.127.Í8 Statk, County of Waslitenaw, ss. I, Johnson W. Knight, Cashierof the abovenained Bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true, to the best of my knowledge and bcücf. J. V. KNICHT, Cashicr. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 20tb day of April, 1877. W. A. Tolcuard, Notary Public. Correct - Attest, E. WELLS, 1 CHAS, TRIPP, S. Directora. C. 11. MIL1.EN, j Bri SlrTflfSl. r OFÍER F0R SALE my Brick Store, Corner os Huron akd Fourth streeta, opposito Cook'J Hotel. This is One of the most desirublu busines: locations in the city, and will be sold at a bargains 1598 JOHN G. GALL. CJEND 25c. toO.P, ROWBLL 4 CO., New York, O ior pamphlet of loo pugefl, containing lints of :i(Ki newspupera, and ealuuuti ahonioif coat ut dertumg. "OINSEY & SEABOLT'S BAKERY, GROCERY - AND - FLOCJK & FEKÜ STORE. We keep eonstantly on nand, BEEAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, ETC, FOR WHOLESALE and RBTAIL TRADE. We shall alöO keep a aupply of DELHI FLOUR, J. M. 8WIFT & CO'S BEST WHITE WHEAI FLOUR, RYE FLOUll, BUCKWWHEAT FLOUJft, OORN MKAL, FEED, &c, Sco. At whulesule and retuil. A general stook of GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS conatantly on hand, which will be Hold on as reaiii i trms ub at uny otbor house in thie fit y. Cash paid for Butter, Eggg, and Country Proinfle generally. Vrf Goods delivered to any part of the city with out extra charge. IHNSEY ie si: A hoi r. Ann Arbor, Jan. 1. 1876. 1564 lALL AND SEE THE JACKSON TllüSS KOD WAGON Is, kho S,v Riirbt-IIund Burra 11 lion Coru Slieller, at M. ROGERS'. THE DlkGEE & CON ARD CO.'S m ai nu i,,; ROSES Strong Pot Plant, auitable for immediate flowering, HiMit aafely ly muil, poatpaid. " splendid va rieties, your choioe, all labeled, for Si: 12 for 82; lfor3 ; 20 for 4 j 35 for ö. For 10 centg each, additional, one Muniücent Premium'Kone to every dollar1! worth oidered. 8end for our rn (uide to Kose Culture, and ehoone Irom over 300 flneet aorts. We malte Roses afjreat SpeclltJ', and are the Inroest Hosegrowera in Amenoa. Refer to 100,000 customeri in the United Htate and Canada. THB DINUEE & CONARD CO., iiosE Gkowebs, West Grove, Chester Co , Fa. 16ïCwSfc To tbe Working: Clas.- We are now prepuretl to furnish all classes with constant eniploymentat home the whole of their time, or for their spare momeuts. Business new, light and profitable. Persons of either aer eaaily earn from .0 cents to 85 per evening; and a proportiona] suin by devoting their whole time to the business. Boys and girls earn uearly as much as men. That all who see this notice raay send their addresu, and test the business we mak e this unuarallcled offer: To such as are not well aatlsfied will send one dollar to pay for the trouble of writing. Full particulars, samples worth several dollars to commence work on, and a copy of Home and Fircside, one of the best illustrateu publications, all sent free by mail. Reader, if you want permanent, profitable work, address, Gico. tiTiNSON &. Co., Portland, Me. ft 1t) A dar at home. Agenta wantod. Outfit 1 aud Urmi ireöTTRUË & ÜÜ., Auuita, M i


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