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Father Van Erp And The Red Ribbon

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On Sunday last the Hev. Father Vau Erp preached his last serinou in St. Thomas' Church (Catholic) before taking his departure for Europe on a three raonths visit. in oompany with Bishop Borgess, of Detroit, and other Catholic clergymen. During his absence his pulpit will be fllled alteruately by the pastors of the Catholic Churches of Ypsilanti, Northfield, and Jackson. The subject of his sermón was " The Red Ribbon," in substance, as folIows : " I congratúlate you upon putting on the red ribbon, not that I 'place auy value upon the red ribbon itself, but from the fact that your doing so mdieates that you have taken a solemu oath to abstain irom the use of intoxicating beverages, and I hope that on my return from Europe I shall flnd you still wearrag ït. I wish you to attend the business meetings of the club, the club room aud reading room, but desire you to keep away from the Sunday afteruoon meetings, as they are conducted in the same manner as thoee held in the Protestant Churches. When the club was organized it was to be a non-sectarian institution, but as the services at the Sunday afternoon meetings is the very same as in the Protestant Churches I wish you to keep away from those meetings. When the club was orgauized I offered to contribute $100 to it, provided it should be uon-sectarian aud live up to the letter of the constitution and bye-laws, but as that is uot done I shall not give one cent towards it. I feel conviuced that its leaders intend to get up a revival aud work to get my in boys. I would like t have all the men in my congregation come and take the pledge of me this evening, and on my return from Europe I will bring each of you a 'silver medal, blessed by the Pope, to wear as our club badge. Tou may still belong to the Red Ribbon Club, as taking thé pledge of me does not interiere with it in the least. But it they ahould introduce religious exercises in the business meetings, club, or readingroom, I wish you to leave the club altogether. If you wish to have a separate club and club rooms I will give you from one to four hundred dollars, as you may need it." In the evening about 75 men accepted the invitation of Father Van Erp and went forward aud aigned the pledge, many of whom had not been meinbers of the Eed Kibbon Club. - We are advised by Mr. Scbumacher, President of the Red Kibbon Reform Club, that in a couversation had by him with Father Van Erp, sinc his sermón and before his departure for Europe on Weduesday, the Father reconsidered his decisión and agreed to make a liberal contributiou to the Club even though the Bible reading and prayer should be continued at the Suuday afternoon meeetings. Pbobable Body-Snatching.- During Saturday night last George Keal, living near the fair grounds, had hia attention oalled by his dog barking to a man climbing over the fence into the grounds. The man soon carne out and got iuto a buggy which carne up, driven by anothermaii, wheu he got in and the two drove off south. Watching their movements he eaw them return, carry a box into the grounds, and bury it. Next morniDg he notified the marshal and coroner, and an investigation led to the disoovery that the parties had buried the mutilated remains of a woman. O. M. Martin, undertaker, testified before the inquest held by Coroner Clark, that while taking up the body to remove it to a vault he found a newspaper printed in Germán, dated April 5, 1877, addressed to Dr. Conrad Georg, also part of a calicó dress skirt, and one stocking. The testimony of Marshal Johnson and officer Maroney seemed to indícate that the body had been deposited, probably dissected, in the barn occupied by Dr. Georg, on the alley running from Huron to Washington street, west oí Main. According to the testimony of Dr. Kapp the deceased had been dead from two to four weeks, and her age was from 40 to 80 years, The verdict of the jury was : The aupposition is that the person came to her death from natural causes, time unknown, but previous to April 22, 1877, and had been dissected for anatomical purposes by some person or persons unknown to us. - Since the inqueat facts have come out which reuder it certain that the remains were bhose of Mary Ann Austin, who died at the jounty poor house on the 8th day of April, iged 68 yeais. Her husband died in the poor iouse, of small pox, some two years ago. Beal's Netjtbality.- The Free Press of Saturday last said : " We are in reoeipt of a communication fróm Mr. R. A. Beul, of the Ann Arbor Courier, asking that the Free Press " remain neutral until the teatimony in the RoseDouglas case is placed in our hands." Which is good. Bro. Beal's idea of neutrality may be illustrated by the story of the man about to engage in a fight with a bear (only Beal is u't ABOUT to engage), and whose prayer was ' " O Lord help me, and if you can't help me don't help the bear, but just stand and look on and you will see the d - dest fight that you ever saw in your life." And so he has pounded away for fitteen months,- just to preserve a, proper neutrality. In the Supreme Court on Tuesday decisions were made in two cases oí local interest, as follows : In the matter of the appeal of David Maynard and John Maynard, from the order and decree of the Probate Court assigning the residue of the personal estáte oi Lucy M. Maynard, deceased, to David A. Woodard, Harmon Allen, and Thomas Richards, District Board for School District No. One in Milan and No. One in York, and their successors in office. Opinión by Campbell, J. Judgment affirmed, with costs of both courts. And so the Milan and York district will get the legacy, invest it, and use the interest to keep up and maintain a school library. The amount is $976.27. Alfred J. Buchoz, administrator of the 8tate of Louis R. Buchoz, deceased, vs. Joseph Pray. An appeal from the Circuit Court allowing a contingent claim which had been rejected by Commissioners. Opinión by Graves, J. Proceedings of Circuit Court set aside as without warrant, and cause remanded to Probate Court for further proceedings,