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tOUIMANA. It having been liually determined, at a meeting of President Hayos' Cabinet, on the 2Oth of April, to withdraw the Federal troops (roni the vieinily of tlio building used aB a State House in New Orleanx, the President on thatday sent ihe following lettflï to Socrétary McCrary : I'Ai:ci:inn Manhion,) Wakiukutdn, April 30, 1S77. ƒ Hïn : Prior, to niy entering npon tho duties of th1 i'niikniy, Uifire liad beon statimied, by order of lny predeeensor, iu the inmediato viemity of the huurling uyed as the Mate Hoiwtc in New OrleatK, I-i.. and kiunvn a Mceluniira' Instituto, ;t ilrtru-hment of Unilcl status infantry. Findinp thom in that jlacc, I hnvc thnupht jiropcr to delay a decisión of the quceüim of tlu-ir rrmoval until I OUld .Icti-rinino whethcr the cnnilition of íifíairs ííí iidv pucll au to cither rri[Uirc or jusllfy the i-ontinuoil militiry intervontipn of tho National Government in the ufl'air of the Rt-ite. In mv opinión there does not DOW xist in lyomsi.ina snch domestic violcnca u donttmplabtd liy the conatlhltion os a ground upon irbieh the müit:iry power of the National Govornmont uiay lic itivoked for the dcfense of tho State. The dlipntes whieh exiRt as to the rightof cortain claimante to the chief exeentive oillce of thot State nrc to be ncttled and detemiined, nnt by the Kxfeutive of the United States, bnt hy Kuch orderly and peaceable methodp as may be provided by the Gonst itution and iawH of the State. BaVJDA asHiir;inc-e th;it 110 rMOtt t'i violnue h eontemplated, luit. on the eontrnry, thnt the dispute iu quostton are to be Bctlled liv l"'-We methods vinder and in accordanc-e wllh luw, I deern it proper to take actiou iu accordance with the prlnojjïles anuounoed when I entored pon the dnties of tlie Prosidcocj Yon are therefore directed to sec that the proper order re ifwund for the removal of Kaid trrxipa at an (Èrly date from Uicir present ponitiou t., midi regalar l)arracln in the vicinity as may bc teiccteii for thcir occipation. ]t. n. hatkb. To non. Georgc W. MoCrary, Beontuy of War. Iu pursnance of tho above, Seeretary McCrary mldrrs-rd a cinnmnnicntion to Gen. Rhenuan charc;inp him with the execution of the order, and ruiming Tnenday, April 24, at mvin, ns (lie timo at Wbich it sliould be canied into effet. A New Orleans dispatoh if the 23d says : "Saturday witnessed the complete l ii mor the l'ackard Lrgixlatnro. A eaucuswas ! held in the raorning, and, after disousaing the ] matter, a rcsolutimi was adopted Betling forth tliat lt was impossible to further keep up the ' semblance of a Legislatnre. Bhortly aiter, the ; mombcrs, in groups of three and 'four took their way up to Odd-Follows' Hall, and were sworn in, Warmoth being among tho membcrs. All but tliree Senators and abont half a dozen Representatives who, undc-r Üie resolution of the Mcholls Legislature. are entitlcd to tako thcir seats, did 80. Oov. Nicholls has offered to turu over the Govemor's contingent fnnd anioimting to Bome $40,000, for the purpose of eompensating the policcmen and employé who have remained faithful to Tackard'. The President' Comraistiion departed for bome on Haturday. They oxpresHcd thoniselvos highly pleaaed at tlie favorable terminatiou of theiï labora. THE EAST. No littt.e excitemeut has been prodneed in New York city by the publication of the confesskn of WÜJiam M. Tweed, revpahng the operations of the notoriouftringof whicli ho was the head. Tweed aya he has snfTcrod nnicli and Rrtffered loug in Hilenco, and ha borne the bnrden of wliat others Khoi ld havo shnred. Afflicted with dincase, feeble fnnn age and confinement, and ill fit essè in niind, bc ueeks tor the rnt and relief hu o mnch and so oroly needs. He adds that the only basis apon whieh he has a right to apply for lenienoy and pardon is, that hc will mate a complete Bnmmder of his property mid fnll disclosiirc of bis criminal companions. J he proposition is a long and exliaustive document, and assume tho natmo of a confession. which goes baak is tíz as 1867, wlien tho ring firstbeganto assume fonn. It gives in detail the story of various conferences between the wntcr, Peter B. Sweeny, lüchard Connollv, Henry Genet, A. Onkey HaU, and others, bv which Tweed wa elected to the State Senate", Connolly Comptroller in 18Ö7, and Hall Mayor. Jan. 1, 1861, Tweed, according to the story tniusferred to Senator Winslow in persón taOO.OOe to secure the charter of 1870 which gave to the ring tho control of the city through the rapport of soveral influential Kepubhean oiemLers of the Legialature. The Coülesaten gives the circ-umstances of the divisum of the spoils betwi-en Mmself, Sweeny HaU, Ccnnolly and Woodward. It iraplicatès Garvey, Ingersoll, Davidon, Watson, and a inajonty of tke lioard of Supervisorn. Mavor Halls profortion was 10 percent. He shared throughout in all the profits. Ho wan in full collusion with the fraud ín its various details, and was fnlly aware of the fraudulent nature of the contracta presented for his signature. llngh HaxungR, of the Cmnnm-cial AdverRser, in nientioned as having recoived a check for 920,000, and check Cor smaller amounta at vanons times. Tweed saya nionev was also paid to Jndge Turscr, of New York city A formidable band of counterf citers has been broken np in reiinsylvania. Aniong those arrested is Hon. Thomas W. Marión, an ex-member of reuneylvauia Ijegislature. He sold a quantity of counterf eit niuncy to one of the agents of the service, and he 'represented he hRd frequontly addrewHed the State House of lipresontati-vos when he had his pockets full of tho bogus stuff. A yodno man nnraed Lcvi Thomas met with a frigfeöal doatJi at a coal mine, near Wilkesbarre, Pa., the other day. Ho endeavored to step abonrd the carriago of the elevator, which he evidenOy thoight vr&e in waiting todóncend. wtien lic was precipitated into the haft rtrikmg tho Boüom 900 f eet below. His remains rere so maugled au alniost to preclude rococnition. b The rrnsident han selected Bedloc's irfand, in New York lwirbor, as the it for the loeation of the grand Frcnch rtatue entitled "Liberty Knlighteuiug the World." TnE office of the New York Joui-nal of '„,tHirrce., together with the files of the paper extending back to 1828, iverc dcBÜoyed by iire a f ctt daye ago. THE WK8T. TaousANDsof IndiaiiH areavailing thomselvea of (!cn. Cröók's plan of amnesty and digaimament at Red Clond and Bpóttëd Tail agencie. 'llie Chicago Daily Co&tier, af ter many opa nnd downs, bus been laid away in the seprdcher of dead newöpapcrs. Skveral person have been arrested in the Blnck Hills for ïnannfacturiiig bogus coin. It iöbelieved large qnantities of counterfeit gold coin have been turned out there ï. M. liic-hardson, match niamifacturcr, of Detroit, has fajled. Liabilities, Í2(i0.000. Axottikk mail route by stago to the Black Hills bso bsen lot by the Postónico Departa mentí iimte is from IiUmarck to Deadwood, tho ditttance being 250 miles. Anotueh of tboBe horrible gallowH bccuos which havo hecome a dittgrace to the machinery of justice in this coiintry was presented at tho banging of a nmrdercr nanied Sterling, at Youngstown, Omo. last weck. Tho D00B6 li]ped ; under the culprit's chin, and failcd to break bis noek. Aftor t, few mol itx ut silonoc. he bocan t cla-p bis hands, kick liis fcet, and moan most pitifnlly. Tlie ight was a horrid ono, siokcnnig in the extreme. Kor :it IeUt bwo minuten these motiona and groana were kopt ïip, and it wan Ihirteen minuten bofore hewoa pronouncod doad. Uüe tliis scène of horror was transpinng on the scaffold his attorney was being carriodinto tho Jail, where hefelf upona bed and wopt in a most piteous maimer. It took threc men to control him. Ever; few Heconds ho exclaimed : " He de:ul! he de&d !" Omaha, Neb., was visited lant week by the most destmetive coiuiagration tliat has ociiini d in tliu city for ten venís. A number of stores wcre bnrned. Tlie loss is ostimated at a qtiarter oía million dollars Iwo Wood-choppérs' cabina in the mountains near White Haven, Pa., wero washed awav a few mg hts ago by a sudden tlood. and ix 'laborers drowned. The Oinciimati Commercial prints ulvices as tothfecroppiospeotBftom 8Í points in Ohio, a follows : Wheat, 8 report a fair erop ; 49, good ; 29, umisually good. As to peachCH, 15 report a erop; 35, gocxl: 5, mmsually good, 31, a faalure. Fiom 71 pointe in Indiana, a to whent, 6 report the prospect lor a fair erop 37, good;28 ummnallygood. Ah to peaches, 11' fair erop: ld. good erop; ,", unnxuallv good ■ 36 failnn or ]rtiiil failure. Fróm Hl" points irl Illinois. ïnosrly the middle and southern portions of the .State, 7 roixri wheat a fair prospect; 55, good; 21, uim-mally good; 1, failure; 7, DO wlicat sown. l'eachos, 10. fair; 27, good; 39, failiue; 15, nono raised. Skciik-i aky Tiiu.miwin, of the Michigan Agricultnral Society, has received letters fiom forty ililTerent conntiep, :i!l of w'iich, with the cxception of Kalamazoo, report the growing erop ■ f wheat in Bplendid condition From the capital of Nebraska comes a elnering ero) report ; "Gr;.shopper troublei atan end. ïhe spring rains have begun. and aredWtroyingthe Eroduct of small portions of thè eggs atched. The tature prospect of the State wcre never bo good. 'the large surplus corn from the crops of the two last years is being held for higher prices." Oue of the Government inail contractors from the Black Hill country, now in Wasliington. representa to the department that the indications are that the Deadwood country will rapidly settle. He Bay the nimes tbroughout Deadwood vallev are takmg from 1S to .- 2f a man in placer míning. TBR SOÜTH. The oilice of all the officials in he Capítol building at Colombia, s. C, have betíu ■ :i'ull up. and wil] nut reopened iiuli! the Supreme Court decides the iueötion aB to who are the legal offleers. A tkrribly destmetive tornado swept over the village of Lavorgne, Tepn., a few d&ys acó, ssreepifig everythiiBJ befare it. A litilc Kir] l.viiig in bed with lior brothcr liad bor brains dashod out, while lio escapcd with a few bruinen. A negro man and a negro boy liad f ieir thighs broken. An oíd lady was enrried forty yards amid timbors, deeply ff&shed iit ti:r back of her hoad, and had her arm tuier, broken, whilo a pieee of sonu uiikiiown ulistancc went ehtirèly tlirough herwrist, uiasing a ghastly wonnd. She died tho next day. Other were rescuod fioni undermath log wliich laid heavfly kèrotlq tluiir bodieB. Ktick.s of timber wero blown tlincqnartors of a milo. Iiails fioni fences wcro blown four feot into tho ground .... The mits of Mt.i Clark Gaine, foi B0v] milliena if dolUrs' worth of püoperty, situated in Now Orlcans, hnvc euded aftev a .stiuggle in the courtx of tho lnd for over foity ysara. From one cimrt to anothcr the c&e had been chascd - proBoctttrix, defondaritS, lawycra and Judges growing old in thecontcst. - nntil a ivoek go, when a final decisión wan rondored by District Judgo Hillinga, of Now Orleanü, iu favor of tho woninn wlinsr tpnacity of purpuro has nislicd the muttcr to Ibis terniination. WASHINGTON. It ha beon detorminod at the Trcasury öepart ment to issue an order prohibiting tho paymeut of ten limnn' wnges for eight honra' worU on Government jops hereaftor, ïhis doterminatiun i ín conformUy with the decisión of the Supremo Court thnt the Kight-Uour law opa ti tutes mcrcly a direction to Govermnout officerH, nota contract with Government laborera. ... Tho President bas apnointcd ex-Cctagreaainan John A. Kanson, uf lowaj Jtinister to Spiiin, vice Caleb Cuvhing, rosiüned. A Washington dispatch says : " Department oflicers do not agree in the popular belief tbat the extra nossion will be a short one. On tho contrary. the iudications aro that a groat dea! of busine.sö asido from the Army bill will demand tlieattention of Congres." . . . .'IIkí ílranc: Dulies Alexis and Constüiitine, with the Russinn Minister and otheiv. of tho royal party, called upon tho President one day last week, and wero hoapitablyreceived." The President has appointed (coreo A Schneider, of Chicago, Minister to ' land. llr. Schneidcr is a wealthy Gorman, and President of tho National Bank of Illi■ois. FOMTICAIi. Gov. Wade Hahptof; in a speech to the negro militia at Colnmbia, 8. C: "I want yon to remembor onc fact : that I recognize in your raco tho rightto enjoy precisely the s&xneriKhta enjoyed by every other citizen of tho State Negro ecjuality is to bo raaintaincd. I recognize yonr equ&Uty, and I intcud to uphold it. Ah aoon as we can get in harnoss I will onroll yon in the militia, and will take great pleaánre in coniniissioning such oftieers as yon may desígnalo. Wluii tho Militia law is enforced, and when the military of the State is all enro lied, I want tho only emnlation between tin: companies to be as to who can obey tho laws best, who can be the best soldiers, and who can best protect the public peace." Ie President has decided hereafter not to pormit the names of ierson designated to be Postmastcrs to bo made public until the day of isoring thoir conimiMsions. According U the praotioe hrtherto several days liave intervenod between üie timo ttie AppointmOnt was determinod npon and tho issuance of tho conimission. Theso days have been used by tho opponntfl of tho D6TS0D appointed to defcat him, and have resultcd in bringing. onpleasMtt Klitical pressure to bear. This is to be de'eated by tho new regnlation. Bes Wade has witten a letter bittcrly drïouncing tho Fresident's policy toward tlio South. . . .Gen. ïorroll has beeu appointed renion Agent at Indianapolis Judge Talbot, of tfainc, who has been Solicitor of tiie Treasurv :or about ayear, was removed last weekj anil t. Wilev Wellö, of Mississippi, appointed in bis ilaco Gen. T. H. C. Smith, of Ohio, bas xen appointed Appointment Clerk in tho Treasury Department. Senatou Blaine denies the story, startid by a San Francisco paper, that he liad propared and intonded to introduco resolutions in tbo next Congress exjirossing doubts of the olection of Mr. Hayos, and proposing a new consideraron of the subject. Mb. Basdall is represented by a Washington correspondent as " very confidont that hc will be elccted Speaker. His frionds say that he has New Kngland, New Jersey and Ponnsylvania solid for nim, bcsides leading men of the Nw York delegation, snob as Olarkson Potter, Hi'witt. and Fernando W(X)d. ïho llandall pcoplo also count npon enongh support froin the Sonth to make him surc of nomination in caucus upon ñrst ballot." GENERAL. m The ii mount of grain in sight in tho United States, and Canada is statcd as follöwa : Wheat, 8,041.036 bushcls; corn, 10,044,059 bnshels ; oata, 2,570,306 bushels : rye, 798,626 bushols ; barley, 2,223,965 bushels. Hon. Aha B. Fosieb, the railway king of Canada, lias suspended, with liabilitifs oí ?,wi',vuu. . . .iv. a. mu ana ií. w. martín, Now York gold brokerB, have f ailod ; liabilities, nlxmt 75,000 each. Be careful and examine overy píceo of coin you reccive, if yon don't want to get sold. Tlio Treasury Department at Washington n-porls i that tlie connterfeiting of coin iu rapidly inereasing. A nnmber of arrests for mamifrieturing and hoving tlie queer have lately been mado in tlie West. Borne of the now counterfcits aro said to be exceedingly well executed. Moro thau 3,000 tons oí American fresh beef wore nhipped to the other side of tlie Atlantic in March, representmg probably 11.000 or 12,000 head of averago cattle. The foreign demand exhibit a steady inereasc from montli to montll, at a ratio that will probably Uikc from tlie herd of Tesan and the West a't leant 200,000 animáis during the current year. A terrible accident lately h&ppened to a boating-pnrty ncar Sherbrooke, Quebcc. A yonng girl fell into thc water in attempting to land, and, while trying to save hor, the bout lipset and two sister named Farquehar and a yotmg lady named McDnald were drownod, A largc delegation of Canadian BomaB Catholic pilgrims sailed from New York for Home laat week. FOREIGN. The friend of the Tichborne claimant made a formidable demonetration in London the other day. A procoBrtion numboring 60,000 niiin lied to the oflice of the Home Seeretary : ii'l proaonted a pica for the pardon of tlie great fraud Tho Czar of Euasia has left for the front He will, however, COöflne himsolf to inBpecting the troop, and will tske no active part iu the campaign. . . . An order has been ixsucd by the Berlín (iovernmeiit rcijiiiring tile; ininiediatc return of all consrript.i or recnüts of the I'niRHian army now reeiding temporarily abroad. Iu obedicnee to the snmmona a nnmber of younfi Qenuans havo left England to join their rogiments Teanyson. poet lanroau of England, ha for the gepond time deonned the honor of knighthood. Xkwk comes from Italy of a growing discontcnt among tho commercial populatioD witli tin: policy of the Government, and a movement is on fiKit againttt a too close intimacy wilh liiixia, whoae competition in thé Mediterouieai) is fearcd - The Cabinets of Vienna. Cöridou and Paris have notiüed lionmnnia that theprivilêgi Bho cnjovH by virtno of thé treatyof Psriè would be considerad nnll and vuid should 8he actively co-operato with 1 ius.-ia. In debate on the budget, the day, the ItaJian Financo Minister expre&sed the hoie that the Eastern war -would be localized, but intimated that, in the event of the liussians marching on Conatantmople, complicationa might arise whjch would involye the aotive participation of Italy in the struggle The Europcan pDwcrs ii'n: deniDg tht-ir positicni in regard U the Tordo-ROBsian cpmplicatioiiK. Pranoe wil! obsérre the most rigocous neutrality. Italy declares that the ituation can imly be conndèfeÜ grave wherj Bnssians marcli on Ooustanlinoplo. Official Anatrian papers say thut the (ovcrnmcMit will onlv remsiii neutral so long a its jnterests in the lOast nrc not menaoed. Germam's bositiortia wellknown. Itnow remain for Englund to define herself. Orders have been iseued ior the mobilization of all the fighting forces (if liouinaiiia The cable sendü na the substance of the Rns8Ïn manifestó virtnally declaring war against Tnrkey. Itsaya: "Whéreag, öyéry endeavor In the Bmperorof Rusgiato preserve thppeac hasfailed, owing to the stubbornnoss oí the Porte, while the condition of the Christians in tlic Kast is unimprovcd. thüirlivcs and projxitv boing mrnaccd ; thpreforo, ,U Mftiesty, iu the name of hiimanity and in the full conscloufl ncss of bis BOTorelgn duti.-s as UíO natural protector uf the Sciavonian naUona in the Bast, has been conipclled to resolve on 8U8taining Ijv force rf arme Buoh gnarantoesfor hisdisti fellow -Ik lirvi'rs on TuvJiish soil as (kppeat absoInti'ly oeoesearv tot :ecuring thoir fnture weli fare." The document proeeeds to state thal thiw ai'med intervention is not rneant for tho purpose of conquest, anóT will end afler secnrïng the above-mentioned results. . . .Tlie Itnssian troops are nearing tho Axiatic frunticr. ....A Constantinople dispatcli says Turkey is dismayed at the prospect of imminent war, añd would gladly listen to propositions á jiaoitic arrangement if it. ware aoi too late. ..In a debate in the Jíritisli J arliuimiit, the other day, Iord Derby declari'il thut Tnrkey oonld i:x]ect no aid from England Therc was :i -nat anow-rtqrni in Lombardy, Italy, on the 20th of April Crops wcre seriouslvinjured, especially ailk, and the loss will reacli several mitlion dollars. A DigpATCH from Vienna reporte that Bouma niaii trcopsoccupyOItenitzo, opposite Ttit-vak&n, (;iui;;evo, opposílo Kimtehuek, and Karman, opposite Silistria. under liuseiau commandern, in order ti pennit Bussian f orces to concéntrate betwecn Braila and Imalia. At Teivjoa 20,00(1 Koumanians formi&g a reserve oorps. A portion of theTarklsh flotilla intakingpoKiiion :u llirzova. tteat Óslate, where the Turks expect .hcUussians will try to cross the Danubo ?ho Sultan hns gono to the Danube to tako rsonal coimnaiKl oí tlic Turkinh nnny te advioas from Bouth America rfeport üjat a serioii revolt has broken Öut in Paraguay, nd J'resident Don Jova Bsptista mul Giflaud, ás biother, have been assaseinated. The conspiritors were rontcd. liivarolta still hoMs the district. Tuk London Thnes' correspondent with the linUish lu-iny stute that, notwithstanding tho reported acc-ord of liussia and Austria in Eateru alT;iirs. the luttel' power reserves to itself absolute libertyof aotion Einancea are bad, vory bad, in ltiiswia, and a leadiDg Pansjaviat journal advisen tho (iovrnimcnt to raise a leavy foreign loan, even, if necessary, at a discount of 40 per cent., rather than to indefiuitelv multiply the paper eunency, which is rapidly depreeiating in valne Italy is putting" soine of lier reserves in the i.ltï Cholera has reappeared in India I ir Russian Czar latoly reviowed twn army corps ne:r Kischeneff. the uflicers, tho Emperor naid : "If you should inrouiiter üae enemy, show youraalYOS brave, and uphold tho aneiént glory of yotó reglments. 1 hope tho youug men among you who have not been onder firo will not show theinselvea inferior to their ve'eran eonirades. I trust you may soon icturii oovered with glory."


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