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Turkey's Offense

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A glauce at the íruip shows that t-hc Otnani must depend öhieflypn the Balkan ínountiiiiis. Thoy can hold the Danube temporarily, bilt there is 110 fortifted town on it.s banks which the Russiun camión will not minee. Whftt will greatly contribute to that resul t is the (■■■liuty flxat the invnders will be wéLcomod íiy the people of Bulgaria and Sirvïn, who do not share the want of sympatby with Ilussia which the O'iristiiuis of Southorn Tnrkey feel, and who íiate the Turk with ii traditional angei-, recently refreshed by the massacre. Bui treason itself eannot give away the Balkan passes. Gen. Diebieteeh sueoeeded in making bis way through the Shumla pass in 1820, wluch opened the road to Adriaiiople. Once soutli of (the Bulbnis the reduction of Turkey to the condition of a Iïussiuu proviuco, and the instullat ion o!' a Russian Prinoe npon the golden throne of Selini the Inflexible, winilú only be t question of time. Hussiau ti'oops eau be mased at Odespa and maivhed iu'ross the Dniéper, and down to Shumla, more rapidly thnn inthedays when Suv:u-oiV telográphed Cithèiine, " Glory to God ! Ismáíl is ours, and 1 arainit." Railronds ire now iu opra1 ion [rom 8t, Petersburg to Moscow, Warsaw, Ciaeow and Odesaa, where the fleet would form conjanctiun. Thepries l'rom ShuXfiift is the door to Adriaiiople, ] which is eonnected by rail with Constautinople, tlio distaucc being L!10 miles, an saay ten hoort' ride, The othet famoiis roadway through tlie Balkans, Trajan 's pass, a neatly800 miles west of Sliüiiila. The ronte would thenee be southwttit to IJskul, wliieli is eoimeetiil by rail with Baloóioó, 150 miles. There ie ft rQa3 alw between Varna, on the Black sea, and .Knstehilli, on the D.inuli'-. The Halkans are a continuation of the Dinaric Alps, their ■.■- rageelevation being abont ■l,0!)i) fret, and thev are chjcfly gi To get possession oï' tle ,ihh of Siiumla will undoubtedly be Wie ohiof aim of the. flrst part of the eamp.iign, and il ■ will not be obtained in a-doyortwo, - Chicago "mu x. Oni-, man suffers in a tripjedegree by n recent raihv.iy ftoooidenl Qeor Gosport, Ind., tho ajjuouncemont ii' liis )i!Í;;!i;!i having broughttwo wiyes nnd n pach of detectives to bis bc: ttterin the belief tJiat hfi sa imiii!i.i-of noted dminals.


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