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Near-sightedness In Schools

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The effects of school-life iu producing nenr-sightcdness iu the pupils have for soine time beeu the subject of systematic stuily by Dr. C. B. Agnew, of New York. In a recent address beforc the MedicoLegal Society, he stated the resulta of nn investigation made in various scliools of Cincinuati, New York, and Brooklyn. The nuniber of studente exaniined was 1,479, of whom 630 were in Cinchmati, 549 in New York, and 300 in Brooklyn. Of the (530 Cineinnati pupils, 209 were from the district schools, and of these 83J per cent, had natural, or emrnctropie eyes, while 10 per cent. were nearsighted. In the intermedíate schools, 210 scholars were examined, and of these 80 per cent, were natural, and 14 per cent. near-sighted. In the normal highschools, the eyes of 210 students were examined, and of these 78 per cent. were emmelropic, nnd 16 per cent. nearsighted. All this goes to show that nearsightedness is a progressive disease in the schools. The resulta for the other two cities teach tlie same lesson. The 549 students mentioned above ae examined in New York belonged to the New York College. Here, in the introductory classes, 571 per cent. were found emmetropio, and 29 per cent. nearsighted. In the Freshrnan class, 42; per cent, liad natural eyes, and 40 per cent, were near-sighted; in the Sophomore clnss no very material difference froni what was observed in the preceding classes ; but in the Junior class 37 per cent, liad natural eyes, and 5G per cent, were near-sighted. In the Senior clnss 50 per cent, had normal eyes, and 37 per cent, were near-sighted. The Brooklyn students examined belonged to the Polytechnic Instituto of that city. Here, in the academie department, 56 per cent, were cminetropic, and 10 per cent, nearsighted. In the collegiate department (a higher grade), 53 per cent, were emnietropic, and 28J per cent, were nearsighted. - Popular Science Montlil;.


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