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Letter From S. B. Treadwell

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Letter to the Editor
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Bkother rosTER : Dear Sir - I find I bave room only ín your this-week's paper fust tö say that the meeiinga of Bibband mvself are every whcre fully altended. 'The difiiouliy bas been lo find buildings large. enough tohold the people. Our frirnds are every where organizing for efiïcieai aciion. 1 11 some places they are deterniined to hold their meetings weekly in otherssemi-montlily - in others monthlyx, accnrding tocircumstance?. They meet our appeaJs lor nid focarry forwnrd the causé by wny oí" ecturcs, &c ris thongl) ihèy wera in earnestand lelt the SÏave ín the right place to d him good - the röcK&T ! ! They are most cheerfully putting down their 2, 3, 4 & 5, .uid somelimes their 10 dollars lo mnke' up tin ampie State " Liberty Fünd" to supply all parts of our State with able Liberty Lecturers, Books, Pamphlets, Tracts, &c. And vvhat seems tornea brighter omen than all, for the speedy deliveranco of the' enslaved millions in our land, - ho ladies have taken up (Viend LYibh as their Antislavery Lecturer in this State. They are determined to sustain him in the field, to teil the story of the wrongs which American Slavery has done him and his bereaved family iiow in chains. Tley intend to do this by way of getting up town and county Anlislavery organizalions, with reference to holding animal County Fairs. Tbey intend to hold their first one some time in the month of Sepiember next. They say they mean to hold them at some central point in their County, Commencit)g at 10 o'clock, A. M., ond invite Mr. Bibb and otber distinguished speakers, in and oui of the State, to bo present and devote 3 or 4 houra to public speuking. Afier which Uiey will exhibil all suc!) anieles for snle as the ladies i'iom all the towns jn' their county shalï bring in. We undorstand by the" ladie in O;ikland County tbat a number of Liberty Choirsa'nd one or two Brass Bands have kindty volunteered tobe piesentonj the occasion The new Farmington ' Band attended our ivceut meetings there during the day and evening, and gave great interest to the occasion. Our meetings wcre cheerecLon bv soul-stirring Liberty music, in Salem, Milford, Highland and othcr places. I am rejoiced io. learn by you, that you have just receivecï for publication, an able and interesting nddress from the ladies in Jackson to their sisteijs in the State, soliciting their co-operation wilh them on thoir great workof humanity. I understand also, that an [íddrcsá on (he same subject is soon to be looked for, from the Slate Connnittee. This ia as it should be. Keep the Liberty Bal! a rolling. " Why should the Work cease ?" IT all our Liberly friends will stick to bëir one text, and continue to cry aloud' ;nd spare not, for Liberty ! Liberty! !' jIherty ! ! ! and nothing but Lirurty-! ! br the bondma.v, he will soon be free ! md our then happy nation máy rejoice ndeed that she is redeemed from the peat curse of Slavery, which now so è threatens to-engulph her in an intimely and dishoiiored grave. Your fcllow laborer for the oppressed. as bound with them,i . S.-M Icave vih you a copy of the Constiiulion of the Ladies Antislovery ind Benevolent associutions, which'' )een adopted by them where tfo have ravelled. You mhy perha'ps do the lalies in the Stíife a favor, and the cause of he Slavo good, to publish it in your next vapor.