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Around tlio Fai-m. The spring pigs should be weaucd afl 600H aa psssible, and tliis can be done when there is plenty of milk. Get thena ont of the way so the sows will have anotller litter bef ore it is too late in the fall. Late fall pigs are the next thing to poriVctly Avorthless. Pabohed Ookn for Poúmby. - An experienoed farmer burns comfoi hia poultry. Bays he loarned that wlien oarloads of biiïiït corn was sold kere aftcr the burning of au immense warehouse. His hens never laid so well before that wiuter of 1873. - Country Gentleman. The comb is the hen's pulse. If that bo strong and bright, and of a good color and full of blood, shaking with cvery quick movemeiit of thebirdin thecombed varieties, the bird is in normal liealth, anl in a laying condition. When the rim of the comb and wattles have a purplish tingo, the bird is not wcll. A Ktcking Heiper. - A year ago Uik Jauuary, we had a hcifer drop her firbt cal f. I used to let lier into the pen and milk one sido, while the cali' sucked the other. "When we weaned the calf, slie kicked. I took a strap and buckled it rotmd her belly just front of the adder. Buckle it tight, then, if slie kicks, buijtle it tighter. I did not have to do it but a few days. Cows that are gentle will sometimes kiok if one commences milkng a full stream, butwouldnoi if we bcgan slow. - Cor. N. J'l Farmer. Artichokes for Food. - The value of irtiohokes as food for stock compares very favorably with othor roots, accordng to tests made in both this country and in Europe. In the report of the Department of Agriculture for 1865 the relativo valué of the roots named is aa 'ollows: Fleah Wat Former. Fermer. Pütatocs 11 18 Jarróte i 6() 'arsuips 12 70 iarigoidfl 1M lagar bcnlH 0 136 Vliito turnips 1 ArticholieB 10 188 It appears from the above teble that he carbonaceous or heat=producing principie in the artichoke is surpassed only by the potato, and that by only a single oijQt, while the potato aud the parsnip, only, among the roots men.tioned, exc""! it as a flesh former. A Good Oow. - I havo a cow now that gave in oue week, eommencing March 15, 239 pounds of milk, which made teen pounuB and tnree ounces cl gooü butter. ïhis cow was fed six quartit daily of grain. Two quarts each of com meal and oat meal, and two quarts of unground oats, were mixed well, and threc quarts given in the moming and tbree quarts in the evening. She was fed all the clover hay she would eat up clean. The hay was very coarse, but had been cut and cured early. I bought this cow one year sgc for $00. She is apparently a grade short-horn. She only went dry two or three weeks. I have thirteen cows, and this one givcs the richest miik by far of any. - IL F. 11., in Country di atientan. Ookn Fodder.- A writor on growing com to bc fed gxecn says : "One dairy farmer who has 100 dairy cows said that he wanted his corn grown so as to produce the greatest quantity of ears possible for the purposo of feeding his cows, and to increase their daily flow of milk; and, from numerous letters rtceived frorn farmers in different sections of the country the past f all, there is no doubt that very many farmers will mako the experiment the coming season witli swe t corn, growing it in such manner as to produce ears as well as fodder, all to be used in the feeding of farm stock the coming summer and fall, and from such experimenta much knowledge may be gained." ïhe largo frec-growing vai-ieties of sweet corn are best for this purpose. - Exchange.


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