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The fifty-second animal meeting of the American Tract Souiety luis just been held in New York city. The animal report states thnt the society issued during the year 132 new publications, including books or tracts in Germán, Spanish, Portnguese, Prench, and Danish. The receipts, including $109,726.41 in gifts and legaeies, ware $441,198.26, wliioh, witb Öie balance 'a thé treasuryon April 1, 1876, makes $449,269.69. The total expenditures wen $4 11,119.71; balance, 8,148.95. During tíie year 209 oolportenrs have labored in :!:! States ona in C -m. ula. Tlie Committee on Foreign and Pagan ianïs binye appropriáted $3,780 in oasb, $5,880.99 in elecirotypes and $1327127 in home publicationa f or disüribution in foreign lande. Tu-, óf Saratoga Springs is bunkjuyt, and its President says that the Btreeta oannoLt be lighted or oleaned this Bummor, imlesa the citizens do it voluntariiy. ïhosc who read tbis may Wön.[( v vliv mo'fley ia bo waree in a wbere bo muoh oí it is expended every year by visitors. The truth eems to bé thai most of tlie Bummer business i done by üon-reSidentB, who take away the profits ilicy niake, and the public; ;i-y is ■.mptied than lilled by. tlie Cact the village is a Eashionabl resort, Tira seasonof croquet, and getting raad is almoet here,


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