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Destructive Conflagration In Canada

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-- W e. leórñ frum tíie JVIontreal papers oí tlie 13th, ihat e.xtensive and destructivo fires have bcfin raging in the forests behind and lielow Qüëbec, in the hew settlementof Grand Say, on the Sangnenay. The wind commenced blowing furiouslv, and the ftarnes vvére carried along tho settlerneñi, drstroying. Jiouses, barns entile, seed, grain, kc. and burning" every house in the vülagc at thp moutli of the rivcr. Tlie number of individuals, is said pot to be Iets tlian three thousand. - I'ilot. It is eslimated thatjhe present number of distilleries in the l'nitcd States is 10,400 the number of gallons of liquor disilled annually, is 41,612,607, whicb, if old at 20 cents per gallon, would amoant o $8,000,000.