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Three More Fires

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At ó ü'olock a. m. of Saturday last, a dweling on Observatory street, near the entrance ;o Forest Hill Ceinetery, was burned, the ñre robably originatinJ from a stove overoharged with waste paper and refuse. The building was owned by Selleck Wood and occupied by a Mr. Moore (the prophet). Loss estimated at $900 ; insured for $600 in the Hartford On Suuday uight, at 11 1-2 o'clock, a vacant ïouse or shanty on the Kiver road, belonging o John Laughhn, was fired by some tramp or eckless boys, to the great disgust of firemen ad citizenS whose early slumbers were disurbed by the alarm. P, S. It was burned own. The apple packing and warehouse of David leuning, north side of the railroad track at he crossmg of Pontiac street, was burned on Monday night, between the hours ot' 11 and 2. The fire was first discovered at the east nd and spread 80 rapidly that the engines, lthough promptly responding to the alarm, id not arnve on the ground in time to be of uy service except in saving the adjoiuing ouse. The building was a good and subtantial one, and Mr. Henniog had stored iierein some 2,000 apple barrels, which were lso burned, making lus loss about $2,000, on which he had no insurauce. Tbe Aun Aror Agricultural Company had a lot of plows nd churns stored in the building, which were mostly removed, leaving their loss about $200. 'im. Fohey had a quantity of viuear and a ot of empty kerosene barrels iu the building, lis loss unknown. Sevoral parties engaged u removiug goods were severely singed, an xplosion of some kind sweeping the flames irough the building and catchiug tliem beore they could make their exit. The fire was undoubtedly the work of an inceudiary. A leeping car attached to the Pacific express, which came in duiiug the fire, caught fire but was moved out of the way before any serious amage was done.


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