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' THE KOOKFOBD CAI.AIKTT. Tho city of Bockford, 111., has boen the sccne of a hoartrending calamity, resnlUng in the killing of a dozen pooplo, and tho mnimiog of as niiiny more. The dome of the Wintubago oonnty Oourt House, whioh had forsome months boen In oourseoi erootion and wan ncaring oomplotíon, feil with a terrible or&sh, buryinj; ■ largo mimber of workmen. lieiicath tbc ruiiis. A corrospondont giros the following account of the terrible affair : Just as the kcy Btono was beleg placed in tho domo of tlio main pavilion, the brick-work between tlie iron and the stono gave way, and the entire domo aud tho interior vvalls of the Btructure ramo cmmbling down with a terrible crash that wan hcard by persons living ncarly a mile distant from the scène of tho accident. At the time oí the accident thoro wero from twenty (o twentyflvo men at work. The wliole massive Btoño top of the dome feil with a terrino crash. A man uamcd Tiniothy FlanagSX), rho was ust putting in tlu keyatoneof tlie flnal oornloe, jnmped tor the gny-rope of the big derrlok in front, bnt, miKsing bis alm, feil the distánce of 120 foet to the earth, and was dashed to piceos. Tho mass of htunan beings, with tuo exeeption of four or five who jnmped from the windows, feil indde the tottenng walls, and W6CT6 buried In Ihe dclrÍK. Al, thi timo the whole structore looked as thongh it wonld full. and Huw assembled were appalled, and knem not what to do. To go iienr enongh the strncture to resoné tbose mangled and blecding in tbc rnins w:is hazardoUB in the extremo, but braven men, regawUesfi r danger, went fearlessly to vk bofore the dost cleared away, and coinnieneed to assist to Oxtricate tbr doad and dying. Men lay tenibly mutilated bonoath these rueks, shnefcing for assistance thal was onlv rondored at the risk of the roson cru' lives. Óno nnfortuuate ipan named Win. CtIuss was oxtrioated, but oce of his leps was )ft beneath a pondoroufi Htono, Ho was Rfted out opon tho green award. in front of tlie old Ooiirt House, and expired in grtyit agony. A negro juinM-tl from v. indOW sixly fce't from the gvound, and, thongh Boriously injurcd, will proliably recover. The tdghts in and about the ruins were terrible. The anguisli of the living was aluo heartrending. It was neu tbc noon hoor, and the workmen's wivee and mothers erc soon npon the spot. Eïloypn pf the onfortunato workmen are known to havo been killed, and ten or a dozen more mangled in varyin;; ahadenof ghastUnees. The damage to the building is estiniated at ÍW.000 to f65,000. IHE r - ■, . The Attorney Genera] of New York is said to be disappolnted with Tweed' confcssion, and opposod to granting bis release in exehange theivfor. . . . A serions mining disaster occurrod noar Pottsville, Pa., few riay sgo, reenlting in the death of six nriiuTK aud the B6riOU8 injuvy of scvon others. Tlie accident was caused by an explosión of lire-damp. The l'liiladclphia International Exbibition, for the season of 1877, was formally oponed by President Hayes on the lOtb. inst. There was a respectable attendance, inclnding a largo number of distingo! shed peoplo. Ihe showbids fair to be a sucv 'J'iik great Pennsylvania coal monopolies are at war, :nnl the consumera are or should be happy. An important rednotlon in pricos has been announced by somo of the belligeronts. A PIRE in BrookJyn, lust Sunday, destroyed $400,000 worth of property, principally oil. The President snd Miv. Hayes, Secretarie Evarts, Bchorz and Devons, Gen. Sherman, and Beveral other clistingnished officials, visited New Vurk last. wrik, at the invitMion of the i haiuin'i' of Coramerco, for the parpóse of attriiclinfi the 109Ü1 animal banquot of thal institution. TUK WÏST. Tue Gentile residente of Salt Lake City are considerably alarmed by tho war lita attitude of tho Mormons. Brighain Xbungj dnring services in the Tabernacle, on Sunday week, is croditcd with uring verv intemperate language. He said. if the Gentiles "wantod blond tliey could havo it, and, indeed, they were likolytohave more of it lol out of tbeir veinsthan they oould spare." The Hormona are said to be drilling and organizing uil ovar tbe Territory, and an onibreab is prediotfia at an oarly day. A man named Winters has bronght suit against eighty-ono memberoof the Nebraska Legialature, for damages in ?50,000 for falso impriHonment. Bubpeonaa have been issued to raoh member, wbich will compel an extraordioary reassembling of the Legislature The Grasshopper Bounty law, passed at the last session of the KDunesoU Legisla ture, ha boon nogatived by cvery county directly inteÈested, they haviog petitioned the Governor "not to :)p)iint reeeivers of grasshoppers, fearing that llii' ainount of the proposeu bounty, i f paid, would bo more destructivo to the iaxpayen taan grasshoppers. . . . A osriQns conflict between stiildng ooopera and tho pólice occim-ed in Cleveland, O., tho other day. There were a good niiiiiy braised after tlie aiTair was ovr. but fortunately nobody was killed. Pbof. Hiley, Chief of tho National Entomological Commission, bas just closed a three weeks' exámination in Toxas and Kansas of the grasshoppora, and saye he tinds the favorable rojiorts as to there being no danger from the ravages this year in the main warranted. Tiiirty-one eountics iu Kansas report encouraging erop prospect?. More land is under eultivation tlian last year, and cercáis promiga a heavy yield New military posts are to bo stablished at the montlis of tlio Big Horn and Tongue riyers, in the far West. The buQdinga mu be oohstrncted of hewii logs, matched and lined with paper-board. THh, SOUTH. Near Glasgow, Ky., a few days ago, four United States M.ii-.-ihals songht to arrest tno illicit distillers named Keynolds. Inreaisting, both wero shot, one being mortaUy wounded. Tlie offloera at fint refiiaed to be arrestod, but gnbsequently Burrendered, soveral hundred civilinns hav4ng rolunteereci to assist thoSherifl intakiug thj.-m if neoessary. Tbeyrefused (o givc up tlnir anus for a white, but'at last BUTrenderöd them in open oonrt, T.hen the Judge had clcaorcd tbc room of spectators. Thero was considerable excitement over the affair. WASHINGTON. Tue Mcxican border troubles were tho subject of dÜBcnsaion at the Cabinet meeting the other day, and it was agreod that organized catUe-stoaling, and other depredationa npon property iu Texas, of American citizens. mnst be effieotnaUy stop)cd without forther delay or iiiattoiition on the part of tho Mexican authorities. . . .Ex-Si-nator Carpenter has permancntly located in Washington for the iractico of bia profussion. . . .Secretar? Sherman, notwilh.-laiidiiig adverse reporta, is verv hopefnlas lo the succoM of the negoüatton of tho l : . per cent. loan. Tuk proponed consolidalion of pension agencies wi)l be coinplcted by the end of .lunc. Orders havo bcon issued to the soveral Agents t hroughout the country to have their account ready for inspeetion by tho lst prox,, with a viow of closing up their business by the end of tho fiscal year. An order bas been issued by the Secretary of War for tho discharge of 2,500 men from the United States anny botwoen non and the lst oí July. 'J'his rédnonon will restore the anny to its mimerieal streiu;th prcviotis to the inereaae wbioh was antbortzod by Congres in consciuienco of Iho neöesfliliflsof the cainpaign agatnst the liostile Bionx, Tlio nominal Btrengtll of the army will be reduced to about 19,000. Iïohkut II. ('urrrF.XDiix has been appointed Cnited States Marshal for Kentucky Tho President ssys it will be the poKcr of tlie administratton to thorougbjj revise the Consular systcm, and, whenover vaoaooies occor, to choose for the new appointoea penon ciallyquahfledtoropresent commercial interest. Tuk national capita] bas been convulsod with indignalion against United States Marshal Fred Douglass, on account of alcctiu-e delivered by him in Baltimore on the social i'eculiarities of the Deople of Washington. Thepressand manv of the citizens clamor for the removal of Douglass. . . An ixinvcisationwitli a Washington corresponden the other day, Secretar; .''h'-nmwi expressèd a confident expectatioQ that the uorernment will be able to resumo specie payment, according to law. uit the lst of Jannary, 1879, if no uufavorahle leg islation on tlie part of Congress inteivenes. The business Of tlie country, in the Secretary's opinión, is already down toa specie basis, and it wonld fertainly be, as he says, criminal to postpone the day of resiunption and thus again Onsettle values and dixturb the current of trade. The Secvetary intends to sell bonds for coin from time to time, as occasion offers, and thus Btrengthen the gold reserve of the ticasm-y. or employ it in the pnrohasing of greenback. 'J'iik indicatiyn are, so far, that the ostimat f tho Esterna] Revenue Burean of $120.000,000 receipts for the flsoal year onding Jone ;() will be luüy realized It is reportel that Secretan Evarts bas sent a peremptory note to the Mexienns that they must put a stop to the r.tids of their brlganda apon tho property .1 pcopie in Texas, n this is not done, ordeia will be given to tho commander of the forcee on the Bio Grande lo puraue aud capture the thisvea and their pinnder whereyer they may be found. GKNKRAL. The Uuited Btates treasiu-y bas been made richer by the paymoiit of 1,000,000 of tho 1,500,000 Joaned to agsjst in the completion o( the Cüiitoiniial Kxliibiüon buildings at Philadelphia. Tuoiumaüáng 1600,000 will bepaid short lv. . . .The Hohooner Francis BenimfU] colliclul witb :i s'.l'.ui) b&TgO nt EuA 'l'iiwiis. (in Lllke Erie, nul inimidiatcly went down, drownIng tuo mon. Loss ou vessel and cargo, ïl'üO.OOO. The President and Seorotaxy of War have appiored the verdict of tho court-martúil wfaioh recently triod Jf:ij. Beño on a charge of alandorifig the wife of Capt. Bell. Thé ontence was that he be oaabiered imd dismiased the service; lnt, in considenition of hi emimiit Bervioos and brave conduct upon many batüo-fielda. the President niitiííates the ponishment to suspensión (rom rank nd pay for two yeais. Tui; Bteamsnlp Danota, 01 me nuuuusa (Uiion line, bound from Liverpoolto New York, went aahoreat Point Limas, forty miles from Liverpool. There were 200 passengen on board, al] ol whom, togettaer with the crew, were aafely landed. The vessel, whioh wasvalned at 9750,00(1, mll prove a total loss. It, is the mostseriouv marine disaster, frora amonetary poinl of view, that lias occurred for the past two year. Gen. Porfirio Díaz has been inaugurated President of Mexico. He declares lie will ocetipg tlio ollice but one term The story is revived of an orgai.ization of Illibustcrs for tlio oapture of Bonorfti and that the capital necessury to üt; out three expedütOBfl is ecurud. The eipeditions, so goes the story, start from Vuma. Sao Franoisoo and EI l'aso - the Brst by land, the second by water, to Guayiuiis: those to reinforce the tbird in Sonora.... The Britdah Columbiana are greaü disturbed by Uit' prospect of v;ir "vitli liussia, kuowing tfia( a i'iiwerfii] Jtussian Heet iswitbin foni daya' ail of their Barbors. . . .The re.ply of the 8tato ] )epartment to ihe formal notiücation by Turkoy of the existence of a state of war between' that power and ltussia. is to the effeot that the United States will occupy a strictly neatral posltioB torrard the belügerents. A similar reply will lie furnishcd lïussia. A train of niiicteen freight cars, loadcdwitl tea and sdlka valued at Í500.000, reeently made the run from San Francisco to New York, via Gbicaao, in lesa than ten öays, beating b; several honra the quick ti'ip of ten days an( iiine honra made somc time ago over th southern route. . . .Silver coin may be obtainec wil hout the expense of tr.iiis])ortatii)ii upondt posit of notes or fractional cui-roncy witli an United States Assistent Ibreasurer or aatiom bank depository. or ïiational-bank notes ma be sent to the United StuteB Treasurer free o expense and silver will bereturned from the mint therefor. Sil ver, howejfit, can be sent only In múltiples of W.onO, iind remittances and deposito ■ ':.uid be made in Uke soms.. . . The New lóri Canal Board have decided apon a iiüUi-rial reduction of Uie tolls on tho canals ■f that stilte. Thi is good news tor the West. THE American Tract Society has just hold its tifty-sceond anniversary exercises in the city of New York. I'rom the animal report wc get the foilowing snmmary of it labora during the pastyear: Reoeipts, (111,198; expenditares. 9441,119; aggregate ciroulation of papers published by the society dnring tiie year, C, 000,000 copie. Two huncíred and nine colportours were i ni])hel. who addressod 6,337 religious meetings, made 152,888 fainily visits, and pBfcved with OH. 370 famiües. Tho work in förêign lands in ropresented as satisfactory Pires: At Stevens Point, Wis., loss (100,000; Kast Saginaw, Mieh., $20,000; Jiochester, N. Y., 9100,000; in Gold Btroet, New Turk city, $50,000 . . . Disa-strnus forest lires have been ragingin Northern New York andSouthero Canada, Largo areas of valuablo tiinber and B6Yi ial vfllages have been buriu 'i. POLÍTICAS. At a meeting of tho New York Historica! Society, a few nights ago. to conmemórate the lOOIh anniversaryof the Empire State's politica] birth as a freo and independent sovereignty. Charles O'Conor. who was tho orator for the occasion, dclivcr'cd an address, in which lic said he would abolish the system of legislativo roprosentation by districts, wonld reduce Legislaturas 'o one ïlouse, and wonld take a new Governor by lot eaeh month from the Logislature. The Fresidentiftl term oí ollico lie would modify on the same plan. THH TURCO-RUSSIAN WAK. A Viensa dispatch to tho London Tintes of May 7 says : "News of tho ansuooessful attempt of tho Bussians to carry Kars by coup de mailt is euiiiinited by Jiussian bulletins, whicfa speafe even of two attemptn to storm the citadel. Tho sujiposition that the Russianswill not sit down befare Kars, but will invest and proceed with the bulk of their forces toward Erzeroum, seeins likewisc to have alreudy found confirmation, for both wings of the army appcar to bo moving to lurn the positions of Sogahaulc and Dagh, and tlius foi-ce Monklitar Pasha to withdraw and leavc the passes open for the Enssian main forco." Cable dispatclies chronicle an engagement between the Ttussian troops and the anny lindtir Jloukhtar Pasha, on the road fi'om Kar to Erzeronm. The Turks are suid to have been defeated, with the loss of 11,000 men The upper part of the Dobmdscha is ahnost detíerted. All the Mohaininedana have gone south. The Christians have been taken oli' bj passing steamers A Yienna dispatch reporto that tho Turki.-h connnander has resolved to make the lirst stand in defense of the Dobiiidscha on a line from KiiHtonji to Chernavoda, and his next defense within precincts of the qnadrangle formed by the (ortressoe of Euatohuk. Varna, Sliumla, and Silistria. Two monitors will be stutioned Ho au to hftXftSS tho líusHÍans when they attempt to cross the Danube, which will most lilielv be near Nikopolis If a London dispatch ík to bc believed, the banner of the Propuet is to be raised by the Sultan, and the faithful of all Asia, mnnbering countlesa millions, are to be summoned (o the resoné Of the Crescent in Europo. Tue Prince of Roumania has assumed personal command of tho liounianianarmv, which, it is stitted, will fonn the right wing of the Rnssian army operaüng on the Danubo. . . .Dcfense works are bcing constructed around Gonst;uitinoplo. . . . A 8t. Petersburg oorrespondent saya the approaobing mobilization of the Bosaian (iuards i.s a measure for the proteotion of the Baltic coast dictated by (he inoreasing jealouöy of England Bashi-Baüonks eiwsed tlie Danube at Kiniodki, and Rotunanian peasants, armed with guus and axes, drove them bacli, killing two The tribes in tho Caucasus are reported to be rising, and threatcn serious tronóle for the liussiaiis. . . .Si-rvia bas plodged Austria that she will not disturb the peaoe....The Sultan n fnsed to allow the New York ITerald correspondent to aocompauy theTurkish army in the field, for the reason that the Berald is hostilo to the TirrkR. Thkre is a lull in (Le Asiatic campaign, although it is a quiet which precedes the atorm. The Itusuians are awaiting the arrival of reinforccmentH, having been unsucecssful in attempting to force the Sogahanla pass The lïussians attempted to f orce n passage of the Danube at Reñí, and tiirew a bridge acroas that streaat. They were repnlsed, aooording to Turkish adrices, with the loss of a largo niimber in killed, woundod and caiitm'ed. Tiio bridge was also doatryed . . . . Formidaijle works for the defense of Constantinople are to be constructed by the inh&bitaöts. . . .In an engagement between lï larve Turkish iron-clad and a Itnssian battery :st Ibrail, on the Danube, the iron-olad was strack with a Bhell, and mniediately blew np and aunk, together with her commander. II:: an Bey, and crew of 300 men V force resemhling the Germán ia to be called out in liussia for the defense of tho shores of the Baltic and Blaek aea The Bussian Minister of Marine; bas deelared the Turkish bloekftde of the lilack sta insullkieut, Kussiau veösela having heen able to leave NicoiailT. Om man only of the 300 on board cscaped from the Turkish monitor sunk at Heni, on the Danube It is reported that a very feverish and imcasy feeling pervades all olasees a! OonBtanttnople. The Porte is aaid to be anxious aboat the safety of tin: lAXge eonsinmeuls Of Mms and ammunition stil! lo be sbipped firoin New York, or already on the way, and angry with tho United Ktates Government for permitting the liussian si]uadron to remain ao long in Ameriean watera An official Conatantinople dispatch aay the Rassiane having attacked in great force the position occupied bythc vangnanl of the 'l'tukish auxiliary iroo)a in the vicinity of Batoum, ■■: engagement ensned. lastingcight and onobalf hours, rosalüng in the complete rout of tin Rus&ians, who losl ■1,000 men. The Turkish lose represanted as nconsiderable.. . .The Bey of Tunis, tmmmouocl by the Siiiian to send í oonüngent exoused hünseU on the plea of linancial inability, but his subject may Jointhi Turks as volnnteer. The cable reporta a heavy engagement it Batoum, on the sontheastern ahore of the Black sea, of which the foilowing brief paiticulars are furiiished : The Bussians made a fuiious attact upon the héights defending Batonm on the land side, oocupied by Basbl-Bazoults. The Ottoman troops were intrenched and opencd a terrible and well-sustoined fire "i oaonon nd mnsketry, whioh literally moired the [tnesiane down in swaths. They f-ll by s.'ores and hnndred on the plain Lelow (1 e Torkish poslüonü. Dnring their attenipts to make wa a;;: ii;st this lire, a body of 'Juiliish lune and fout, taking advantage ei' a thick forest. broke forth apon the dank of ttie l ; 1 1 h -':( ii column, and effeoted greal slatighter. The battle Lastcd oight hours. The Ku -:-ians lost l.0(H) in killed and woundod, and severa] pieceu of artillery Ulvicoe from the f-eat of war in liounianiii . lu the 16th state that the Bossians were moving down tlie Danube in thrce columna, with tlie intention of efftcting a orosfdng at point.s west of Bustohuk, the evident inteution being to isolate the laige Ttirkiöh foicjuboiit Widin, atd to nccure tlio oads leading tluough the western passes of ie Balkans. ;i;m;kai. FOKEICTN NEW8. Lonn Deuby, in defendlng his reply to the lussian manifestó, in the of Lords, tiic tlicr day, bluntly .aid hc did not wish to doubt i he gooii fiiith of the Czar's.peaoeful promisea , o Lord Ioftus, bilt lic oould not forgot (hat at he Bftmo moment ftussia was preparing forwaTj and thnt vcry dilii-rciit deolarattons had been nade by the Czar himself at Mosco. He ' ended that Eugland had a right fcwo ozprosfl an pinion on the metit8 of the auArreli kíiico kucIi m expresgionhad been nvited bj tin; presentaion of copies of tl! manifestóos of both tho lelligerentH, A í'i.KKi' of Gorman iron-clada is to bo sent o the Bleditertanean sea. Tho intention is, of tourae, to put Gormany in a position that will Duke her wa effeotiYe in ay diverBion she oay ohoose to attempt in behalf of Btissia, when tho Enlili tleet is dispatehed to the Bosphoms.. ..BriUsh offlees have been dispatohed to Egypt, imder order to select a Bito roí an intrenohed camp oóinnMtnding the entrance to the Suez canal. Four TH008ASD Freiich pilgxims visited tho Pope tlie other day, and proaonted hiin witfa 79.000 francs. . . .Troublo is brewing in Toland, and Kn-isin tlinatens the restoration of martial law tbxotlguoilt the country. The Hultan has tendered his grateful thanks to the English Government for the stand taken In fjord Derby in bis reply to the l'uissian eiroulftr....For liis Bhare in the dostruotion of the Vendóme column, Courbet, the puinter and Communist, aerees to pay the $60,000 line imposod opon liini in axinual installments of 02,000, and the Paris oourt bas ngroed to accc[ii the paymënt in that way. M. PlOABS, tho well-lcnown Frencli ntntosman, is dead Count Andrassy has addressed a cü'cular to Austria1 representativos abroad MUtonitldng that any declaration of indopendeueo by Kouniania will lie treated by Austria as nuil and void. . . .Tho now Fronch Minister has been received by the Emperor of Gemuiny at Berlín with the usual formalities, and cliargod (o convoy to the Paris Government assurance of the Emperor's good will toward Franco. Mh. Gi.adstone's rosolutionH havo been defeatcd in the liritish House of Common by a vote of 351 to 223. It was not exnectod that the rosolutions would pa8, but the Libetals have aoooutplished thcir ni'josoand secured a Parliamentarv victoryin changing the evidently mh1 .1 iMiiiey of the Cabinet to precipítate a collision with Kussia, and in bringing about a tnorough disoussion of Knland'ïi iutorests and England'a datjes.


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