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The Revival In Business

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The inonth of April was one of marked revival in business. The transaoüons reported were not only largor thau thosc of April, 187C, by nearly 13 per cent. , a very handsome gain, but even exceeded tkose of January, usually the nionth of Largei fcransactions than any other in the yenr. Our returus frora sixteen elcaring-houscs, embraoing 355 banks, imd from Cincinuati, Kansas City, Coluinlius, nnil Worcester are for the exact months, and from the other eities ire for the l'our weeks ending April 28 in ench year. The returns, compared with those for the corresponding time in 1876, re as follows: 1877. 1870. New Yui-k $1,771,7(0,900 $1,470,906,074 Boston 182,723,240 170,430,828 Pluladolpüin 154,845,716 181,873,131 o 84,970,821 71,6)2,578 Cinclimati 60,388,712 51,102,135 Baltlmore Í3.U0.082 4 925,870 St. LonlB 41,990,810 41.601,032 N.-iv (Jr!.-;:iis :a.i;Ki.:r,i 31,814,162 San Francisco 29,620,000 50,437,270 Plttebnrgh 19,847,451 19,121,760 Loulavüle J9.1SO.H71 17.808,282 UUwaokee 1S,S!)1,CI HJ498,B68 Oleraland 5,019,311 Kansas Clt; 5.270,327 4,605,602 Columba 2,609,148 2,365,244 Worccstor l;869,2U7 J.'il7,l"i] Total Í2,465,24(;,9ai Ibirteen citic $2,459,727,620 $2, 181,736,902 The Rggxegate average daily was about $102,000,000 in January, 101,000,000 in February, $93,000,000 in Mareh, and 1108,000,000 in April. Last year the average rapidly deolined both in March and April. But for the reniarkalle decline at Sun Ftbhoíbco, whioh reflecte the great prostration of business and decline in values on thePtioiñccoast this season, and at Philadelphia, whicfa is mainly duc to the uuusunl aetivity oonneoted with the Oentennial luwt year, the record -vould )je ono of almost universal improvtuneut. Eleven cities out of iifteen share in the gaina; Cleveland kept no record last year, and the lossen al Gincinnati and Worcester are small. - The Publió .' w York),


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