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The Turkish Navy

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The Turks never cxcelled iu naval warfiire. Thoir forte, is on the land. But the late Sultan liad a passion for ironclads. All the money he could spare from tho seraglio was devoted to uaval onstruction. The eousequence is thnt he has a goud navy, one of the most formidable in Europe. The Porte has thirty ironclad men-of-war, of which twenty-one nre of the broadside type, two are turret vessols and seven nre gunboats. Thcre are four rirst-class broadside ships, with an aggregate nominal power of 2.500 horses and 2,784 men. The total effective strength of the steam fleet is 106 vessels, of 28,195 horse power, 641 guns, and 26,108 men. In oddition, thero nre soine twenty-four sailing vessels of various kinds, mnnned by 2,354 sailors. If obligetl to coatend with Englnnd's navy, these vessels would bo driven from the water as far as steam could carry them. liut Russia is not England.


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