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Lively Scene In A Printing-office

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At the Governor's Guaras hop, Brice B. Smith, a printer in the New job office, made objections to tlic floor mnii. agers agaiust a couple of ladies. Mr, Thompson and Miss Morris, being al. lowed to dance, and Lieut. S. A. Snep. pcrd, the Chairman of the floor manage told the ladies thcy coiild not daucc, After some parleying, Üie women left Mrs. Tliompson (who is separated from her hnsband) was told by sonie ona that Smith had asserted positive per. sonal knowledge of her character, imj she determincd to chastise him. She ntirsed her wrath to keep it warm til] Saturday afternoon, when she gave itvent by purchusing two rawhides, and, ac. eompanied by Miss Morris and a waitct named Henry Powers, tliey sought the job room of the News, and commencea to vindícate her character by laying „t Smith vigorously with the rawhido. Tiie assailed printer ñred ofl' a gallcy o! leaded matter into her face, when Powen attempted to interfere, and got a head pnt on him with the galley. Mn, Thompson renewed the assault, and Smitli took her a chug under the cliij and sent her to grass. About this ti Mr. Byers, accompanied by the ritt editor and business manager, appeWi on the scène, and the amazed printws rallied and separated the óonteetanfc The only damage sxistained by Smitli, except what was done to his repntatioj, was a sinall welt or two across his fiice.Achison (Kan.) Champnm.


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