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The First Client

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JolmSmith, i young attorney, JuBt admlttod to tho bar, ■■ Was Bolenm and sagaoious r.n - au yomig ittonuw aro ; And a frown of doop abstracta n li Ixis face - The reetilt ui contemplation of tlio i-ul in Nl'HlrV s case. One day in term-tiiwe Mr. Sïnïth wan sitting in the court, VTien Borne good ion and truc of the body of the nounty did on liieir onth report, That heretofore, to-wil : 11 pon the second day of May, A. D. 1877, abont the hour of noon, m the OQtiDty and State aforeeaid, 011e Joyenh Scroggs, late of said connty, did thon and uiere felouiouslj take, Bteal and carrj' 3ay. - JL# One bay horse, of the value of flfty clonar?, more nr less The saine thon and there boing the property, goodp and chr.ttels of one Htjzekiah Hess) ; Contrary to the stattübe ín piich case exi)rc8Hlr niaUe And provided ; and agaiBst tfeJE poaeo nnd ïïipfnity of the State wheroiu the venu1?, liad been laid. Phe prisonc r, Joeeph Soroggs, waa thon arraigned upon the charge, nd nkiti not gnüly, nnd of thiu ht"Miiowi liimseU pon the country at large ; And, uid .Toseph boing pooi-, tlie Court did caciouHly appoint ir. Smith to defond him - inuch on tlic name prin.ciple that obtains in every charity hospital, where a young medical student is often Bef to rectify n koi-íoub injury to an organ or a joint. The wttnesses secnied prc.iudiced agaiust pooi" Mr. Scroggs ; Ard the District Attornoy mado a tïitilling speech, in which he told the .ii-ry tliat, if they tíidm't é lind for tht' MtiW", iic rrekuiuil w' to ' walk theif logs"' ; Then Mr„ Süiith ai'ose and made his speech for the öofense, Wherein he quoted Sliakspeare, Blackstone, Chitty, Archbold, JoaqulD MiUer, Story, Kent, Tupper, Smedes and Marshall j and many ottker writc?s ; and everybody said #&&' "'-ücer heered snch a 'onst oí eJonUfeaüfe J I Andheaaid: l( On tkis hypothesis, my cliënt mnpt go f ree ;'' And: " Again, on thiê hypothesis, it's morally imnOBBible that he coxüd be guüty, don't you see ?" And: " Then, on thU hypothesis, you really caH convict ;" And so on, with forty-six ixtore. h-VpotiicHOR, upon none of.whiclu Mr SnutH Wbiy'demontitrattrt, could Scrogs W9 dVHllct. But the .ÍHrV, nevr stirring from the box -wheroin Ihey sat, ftetnrned a verdict of "guilty;" and his Honor Btralghtway sentenoea Scroggs to a three-year term in the penítertiary and a heavy fine, and the costs on top of tH;i t ; ar-f-r And the prisoner, in wild delight, got up and dncrd and sung ; nd, wheu thèy asked him the rcason oi ti'i1 pUange'I behavior, be paid ï " ít's becíñe fot olY bo j easy- for, if there'ti hn bceU u few more of I ÜL&m darncd kttpothetiitcx, I shonld t-ert-ainly ■ have been bung 1!' Vl Xi - Scritmer1 Mvnlhlyfor August.


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