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Senator Matthews's Programme

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The Cleveland leader of the 3d inst. publishes the following : We find in the Chicago Tribune a special telegram from Cleveland on Tuesday tivuning, rolating the main points in the conference held at the Kennard House that atternoon over the forthcoming platform. The telegram saya : " In an informal caucus held this afternoon, at which the Hon. Stanley Matthews, Gen. Garfiold, Mtmsrs. Monroe, Cox, l'oater, Danford and MoKiuly, Judge Lawrence, and ethers, were present, Senator Matthews read and proposed the following autonishing formula : 1. Postpouement of the date of resumption. 2. Bemonetization of silver and its ooinsge without restriction. 3. Establishment of the greenbaok as a permanent ourrency. 4. Payment of oustoms duties in greenbacks. Now that the fact has been published, il is bnt proper to state that the TrĂ¯bun' report is a correct account of what happened. Senator Matthews's plan went one step beyond the utmost abasomont proposed by the Demooracy. His proposition to make customs payable in greenbacks is an astounding one for a gentleman who is understood to represent the administraron of President Hayes and Secretary Sherman on the finances. It was attacked by Gen. Garfield and Gen. Cox with such determination and foroe that it was left with the shavings and waste paper of the platform. It is but fair and just to Senator Matthews that his views on the currenoy question should be generally understood.


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