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Doings Of The Common Council

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The regular meeting of the Council was held on Monday evening with a full attendance of membera, and the following business transacted : PETITIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS. Of P. Dignan and others, for street lamp on corner of Bast University avenue and Willard street. To General Fund Committee. Of S. F. Jewett and others, for removal of the machine shop ot Tripp Jt Price, on Wet Huron street, claiming tliat the same is an oucroachment upon the street and a nuisance. To Street Committee. Of S. P. Jewett and others, for relaying of sidewalk in front of the premisas of Tripp Ss Prioe, on south side of West Huron street, and that the same be laid on the line of the atreet. To Sidewalk Committee, and that the walk be relaid on line now occupied by it. Of John Moore, for privilege of constructing Crossing diagonally across State street trom northwest corner of State and William streets to entrance to University grounds in front of law building. To Aldermen of First and Sixth wards. F rom Cliiel Engiueer, asking the purchase of sundry supplies tor use of tire department. To General Fund Committee with power to make purchases. Also trom same, atating condition and quanof fire engine hose, and asking the purchase of 600 or 800 feet of new rubber hose, To General Fund Committee. Also from same, asking that the following named persons be constituted a fire company, and that the engine and apparatus usod by the lata Kalief Company be placed m their charge : G. A. Graff, Jacob Hoffatetter, Geo. B. Schwab, M. Zeegler, Chas. Bettich, John Heinzmann, Chris. Heinzmann, Albert Sorg, Herman Hutzell, J. Berolzheimer, Austin Mclntyre, (.3. Weitbrecht, G. Josenhance, Jay ltoath, Wm. Herz, J. F. Schuh, John Muehhg, H. Engelhardt, G. A. Krause, F. Kirn, Wm. Allaby, ühria. Braun, Albert Mana, Fred. Jocurst, Geo. Kirn. Uompany accepted, and assigned to Relief engine. EKPOKTS OF C0MMITTEE3. F manee - Aid. Gott reported bilis audited agamst the soveral funda, which were allowed and warrants were ordered drawn, tn the following amounts; General Street f und, $424.89 ; First ward, f 20.62 ; Second ward, $343.49 ; Third ward, $117.93; Fourth ward, $104.75. Fifth ward, $96.88 ; Sixth ward, $41 74 ; General, $578.47 ; Contingent, $666.44. Total, $2,395.21. Also, without reoommendation, bill of Dr. W. B. Smith, for $25, for medical services rendered to poor persons. After diajuasion the bill was retened back to cominittee. General Fund - By Aid. Spraguc, recommending tha erection of street lamp on corner of First and Ann streets. Accepted and i adopte d. Special - By Aid. Ortman, recommending the purchase of ten of Jacobus' land marks, at $3 each. Accepted and filed. By Aid. Woodruff, that footbridge along Poutiac street, between railroad croasing and river bridge, had been completad according to contract, and recommending that warrant be drawn in faTor of the contractor, A. D. Daría, for amount of contract price, thirty-two rods and four ieet at $7.90 per rod. Accepted and adopted. FBOM CITY OÏTICKBS. Marshal Johnson reported the number of arrests made daring month ot July to be : For vRgrancy, 3 ; druuk and disorderly, 4 ; assault and battery, 2 ; keeping saloon open on Sunday, 1 ; attempt to cause house to be burned, 1 ; crazy, 1- total, 12. Filed. F rom same, giving amount of aid disburaed among the city poor in the several wards, m follows: First ward, $14.24; Second, $4.26; Third, $10.76 ; Fourth, $30.91 ; Fifth, $16.36 ; Sixth, $5.42- total, $80.94. Filed. The monthly statement of the Treasurer shows the following condition of the treaaury : Funis on hand at date of last report, $2,174.27 Beceipta from July 2 to Aug. 6, 2,470.94 $4,645.02 Expenditures from July 2 to date, 365.94 Balance in treaaury at date, $4,279.08 MISCKLLANKOUS. By Aid. Besimer, an ordinance repeating the ordinance impoaing a taz upon saloons, billiard tables, and rictualing houses. Lost, by the following vota: Yeas - Mayor Cramer, Recorder Seyler, Aid. Besimer, Schmid, Hogers, McDonald, and Ortman- 7. Nays- Aid. Gott, Cate, Bower, Kyer, Sprague, Page, and Woodruff-7. The .Recorder presented the following resolution, which was adopted : Resolved, That the bonds of Franz Nebel, Besimer Bros., Frederika Haas, John M. Gould, Henry Binder, Chas. Binder, John Clair, Chas. Kitsou, F. Bettich, John Goetz, Chris. Sanzi, dealera in spirituous and malt liquors, and G. Grenville and Eberbach & Son, apothecaries aud druggists, are, in the opinión of the Common Council sufficient, and the same are hereby approred, and the Recorder is inatructed to certify the approral of the Council upou said bonds. By Aid. Sprague, that the sum of $450 be transferred from contingeut fund and placed to credit of general street fund, to pay outatauding bilis allowed. Adopted. By Aid. Gott, the following resolution which was adopted : Whkbeas, The General Street Fund has already been exhauated lor this fiscal year ; it is, therefore, Resolved, That the Street Committee be directed to suspend all furtlier work on the atreeta and bridges until the further order of the Council. By Aid. Besimer, that Jas. McMahou be allowed to lay water pipea in streets from hia well on Jiorth street to Court House square, for furnishiug contracto with water for building the Court House, on certain conditions. Adopted. By Aid. Gott, that all further expenditures from the general fund be restricted to work absolutely necessary or already contmeted for. Adopted. By Aid. Sprague, that the Ann Arbor Agricultural Co. be required to cover the race crossing Broadway, in Fifth ward, the width of Btreet, with a good and substantial covering, the same to be completed within 30 days after due notice shall have been served upon said Company of the order of the Council. Adopted. By Aid. Besimer, that E. A. Gott be allowed the ram of $6 for services in assisting City Attorney in sidewalk matters. Adopted. By Aid. Sprague, that a warrant be drawn in favor of the contractor, W. E. Walker, for the sum of $200 in part payment for construction ot reservoirs. Adopted, Aid. McDonald called up the matter of the extensión of Huron street acroas the Oíd Cenietery and Iands of Dr. Smith to the Observatory, Dr. Smith having made provisión for the right of way through his Iands, propoiing the discharge of the committee heretofore appointed and the creation of a new committee. Pending a discussion of the right of the city to disturb the cemetery, the matter was left in the hands of the old committee.


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