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How Some Philadelphia Soliders Returnbed

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The oflieor who return. 1 Yosterdny trom the front, and wheu asked how he got b;'k i'opliod "in un ci'veiope,"' gives the following descnption of toe ivturn of siidi of the ghiíadelphia pbgqf boys uk havo been heard "rom: Au eü.ii-i wís maóë or two inventivo individuáis to clirab into tlièir musltets, but as this waa i'ound to lie impriu'liciililc, dot for me reason timt tlm ïnuskets wcre too narro w, but thatthe nleiVworè toó long, tlic rnsê was aban-' doned. Tn (!ic exoitement of the mom'ètit n t'.rritic.l Bfifcdier' 'Gèn&rhl, cforied U) hip on a passenger train u a mu before tlie "mast,'' suk!, beiug refnspd, wairted to kno-w w)icther he oouldn't gothrough as au invoici to the stiiiï'ed dopartment of the IVrmamut Exhibition. Id despair séveral vetti-ais iiuu (1 postal cttrtis to tUeir shirts ixud tiilww t-hempclvos !y ths track, dotermined to trust to luok and somö oontitíemi mai; ■ i ;i pass tHèfp tlirongh. Ti ti rror ol' these unfortuiriti! rn.u, thy couïdn't get auything.tQ.eurt 'tUnt was palatabl;', tmd as tlm V..rv iliis they hovered aliove tnc cmaciftted soldicrs, imd cawed in joyous onticipatioix of a big Quaker City lunch. Iïrippily for ïcliing breasts at lioni' tho ln.'jK ÍH'fran ]u (,e Kity yasteriïay i oiug, 1 1 Éfaj ■was attirod ir. irtilitniy boots, a i :■ man's punís, no coat;orth nn ntioiiii;g, ftnd C telegrajih opefjili'!s a.p. liiw iriciiiuimct liim at thfi u pu'; :uk1 greetod him with öhSpfs. Wröugjl tiiavelsfiMiit'ii ;oid wi'iivy, l;c töld 'tBe stotry of Iiíb lidïvjic ■ pon Hio 'iiemy with the modest y becomingao greata man. Ho rerriewed liis course luicily, nn-mly Berè aud thère cip'on üie numbcr o j-iof'-s In' L(p3 s$aug[e(l&d qtj i t wisü put to ilcathj aml reoaarketl that if somcboily ilidn't liurry baok to Blairsvillo with seme snnd'n id heer for the First Uivisinn, somebödy i starvc (:i deatk, It was his iinprcBSÍoh' alBO tliiit the strike was over, so !';;■■ ás the West was ooncerned, at leasti, o gi'eat töfliority of tlie strikets linl chased


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