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William Goodell's Letter

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VVo have inserted this communientton entirc, noiwiihst.-inding is length. Mr. G. was onc of ihe prominent fonnders oí tho Liberty party, as wcllas an eaijy staunch Tempernnce man - Manyofthe former readers of tho "Friend oí Man." now in this State, will be ploased to ïear from their old acquaintance, the Editor ol nat paper. U The eleciion of John P. Hale to tho U. S. Señale for six ycars, as an avowed anti-annexation man, in elaveryndden New Hampshire, is ono of the remarknblo events of ihe doy. We hope Mr. Hale will prove an independent member of that conservative body. Wliilo a member oí the House, he advocated reorm in Bevernl important particulars. Among others, he was an opponent of that nursery ol aristocracy- the West Point Acadcmy. BjT Senalor Sevier snys that tho war expenses of the nation do not now execud $100,030 a day. This is a trifling littlo sum, nmounting to only $:Jö,CO0.00O n ycar. Who earns all thia.