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Be it remembered, That theological apologists for slaveholding make no disinction of color: That thc Constitution and Laws of thé United State?, relating to slavery, makc no distinction of color: That slavery itself maks no distinction of color : That thcrc are as many white slaven, distinguishable in no respect from their white fcllow countrymen in the United States, as there are white slaveholders : That there are not a few slaveholders, partly, or whplly of negro blood! - Ohio Standard. The Lato of Kindncss. Capt Charles Robbins has been Superintendent of the llou'seof Crrection, in South Boston since 1833. During this period he has had under his charge 76S6 convicts ; vet he i has never had occasion to inflict a single i blow or utter a cross word in maintaining the most perfect discipline. A Seminóle teacher lias rulopicd t lic practicc of chalkin the letie.-B on n ' bluck boaid. And by s:uall premiums encournging !)is pupiU tt shooi wiili ;in arrow. such lettns na lic sBuiild thus teaching .the young dca hw to shoot. Sciupj dr mE Cvnious. - Ifa tnllowcnndU be placed in a gun, nnd shot ta a tloor. twül go throngh without susiaiiiing nnv injury; nnd if a musket hall bo firei! info water, it will not only rebimi.d, bul bc flattened as il'fired ngninst a solid subsiancc. A mujkct ball mny be fired thro' a square ofglass. innking a hole the size of thc buil witlioui c.nckuii: the giass; f suspended in a threnil, it will make no ilifl'ercncc, nnd thf thrcail wil! not even vibrare. Cork, if sunk 200 feot in the ocean, will not nse on aÖSynnt of the pressuro of the water. In hr arctic región, when ihe ihrinnmsier is bclow xtro, persons eau co'ïiveisj more tlmn a mile distunT. Dr. Jameison asserts th.n ho heard every word of a sermón at a diatahec of two miles. Caricature of Old Times. - Á correspondent of the AthencBum saya" ihnl (he uiting at Naples during thc carnival proveda said Quixotic burlesquo, notone of the knights being unhorsed, since the lances w'ere so arranged as to doxitle up on meeting with the slightest opposition.EncouRAGiNo Admission. - "The world is head of the church in moral reform, and the hurch must come ud to the etandard of the vorld." - N. Y. Evangelist. A Trijle. - One Iternel is feit in n logshead ; one drop of wnter helps to well the ocean ; a spark of fire helps to ;ive light to the world. Youareasmall ' nan, passing ainid the crowtl,' you are mrdly noticcd ; but you have a lrop nr park within you which may he feit - feit hrough eternity. Do you belieeii? Set hat drop in molion - give wings to tliat :park - and behold thn results ! It may enovatn the world. Nonearetoo srrinll, 00 fceble, too poor to be of servicp. - Phink of this and act. Life is no irifle. Coat of Artns. - A gentlenan employng a porter, named Russell, asked hiimj ocularly - 'Pray, is your coat of arms the same Duke of Bedford's?" (Lord John Russell.) ':Ourarmp,"ansvered thefellow, "are, [ suppose, pretty miich alike; but there is 1 confounded diíTerencc between our ;oats." An Amazon. - A friend wril ing from Red River, says theCherokee Advocate, ihus notices the lady of Lewi?, who iccompanies her husband, one of the U3. Commissioners to treat with the Comnnches. It smacks decidedly of r0" manee: "Col. Lewis tnkes his ladv-love wiih him - she is quile an amazon - wears a belt and dagger - shootsa rifle, and pistol - rides well on horseback, and takes notes - rather hnndsome - medium size; English by birth - married four years - nochildren. The Col. is very sprightly andgenilemanly in his deportment, and is from Columbio, Tcnn." A Slrange Thing. - The United States claims to be the freest land in the world; and yet all her plenipotentiaries, whc represent her in foreign court?. are slaveholders. Fall of Manna in Turkty. - The Cout icr de Constanlinople communicates th interesting news of a rain of mann having fallen at Yenisheir by which th inhabitants of that place have peen plenti fully supplied with food öf the form o a ha.el nut, but capableofbeinggroum into meal. A kilyot it is thero sold to twelve piastres, while the bread preparec from this inysterious production of heaven is said to bc excellent.