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Detroit Bank Note List: Corrected Weekly: Michigan

Detroit Bank Note List: Corrected Weekly: Michigan image
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7. &. M. B. & B ranch', pnr , Jank of St. Clnir. Gr dis Michipan State B.nk, pai iMlchiüiin InsnniiK'f: Co . pnt Osklnml Couiuy Bank, par Kivcr Rmsn lïank. broke Bank of Michigan', 5 Stnte Scrip. pir City due bilis nrxl w.Trmnt?, 3 n 5 di VVayne eoumy Orders. 3 a 5 dis OIIIO. Specie paying Bnnks. h dis I.N DIANA. State Brink & Branches, 1 lis State Scrip, . 24 dib KENTUCKY. All good Bank.o. . 1 dis i'KXXSYLVANIA. Specie pnyiri, 2 dij Itel inf Note?, f die Leliigh Countv Bsnk. 5 diï NEW JERSEY. Plainfieïd bank. 5 dis WISKONSAN. Fire and Marine Innrance Co. Chechs, 1 dis ÍUS.SOURÍ. Stnte Bank. - . 2 dis NEW YORK. NEW JERSEY AND NEW ENGLAN1). pnr CANADA, pooid Banks. IJ n 2