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Tragic Death On The Polo Field

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Mr. Edwarii Caaard, who was a 1 rottier of Sir Bache (íiiunrd, was Lieutenant of tho Tenth Eoglïsn IIussars, and was attending tbo school of muskotry at Hyde. a small military station a fcw miles from Folkestone, on the wmthwest coast of Kent. On WedncHday last he was ouc of a team of officers from Thomoliffo camp to play a gamo of polo, rigainst another team composed of holkíay visitors from Follcestoue. ín tlie sixth goal, betweeu 6 and 7 o'clook, Mr. Ounard approaohed to strike the buil, when his pony snddenly swcrvcd to the kift and carne into collision with the pony following. Mr. Ounard feil, and his pony feil over him, stunning iiim and causing general consternation. A stretcher was sent for and he was immediately removed from tho Üeld m an inBensililo coudition. He was attended by Bcverid doctors, who did cverything that medical skill suggésted, bnt tlie f act that the base of his skull was fractured renderod all treatment difficult. After a brief return to consciousness he died at 9 o'clock the same evoning. - London Cor. New York Jlerald. M. Kecordon, of Genova, has invented a machine by which blind people can write at once in characters meant for their blind brethren, and in ordinary letters legible with the eyes. I A writer in a Paris paper says that he saw it in operation ; and a few phrases whioh he hitnaelf wrote with it, without any preparatory study, were deciphered immeJiately with Hurprifiing rapidity,


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