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An Awful Night

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pastea a mgnt once away irorn íome. What I leamed tliat niglit would flll a very large barrel. I íad retired and was endeayoring to tan;lc myself up in sleep, when a most inlescribable boquet of sounds stole into my room and entwined itself about my ears. It was the flrst strains of a catight. I got out of bed and opened my moiith and dropped a "Seat!" out of lio window. ïlie yowling increased. I iddcd a pair of $1Ö boots to the affair ; a boot-j ack folio wed the boots, 'but tlie noise continuad with more zeal if possisible tlian ever. My contribution was not the oiily one; írom other windows a continuous fire was kept up; bottles, 3oots, sliocs, slapers, and evei-y available article that could be rcaeJied was shied into the darkness at the noise. Oecasionally a more terrifie yell would seem to indícate that the objective point liad been reached, but still the yelling contiuued with unabating ardor. At last I bethought me of a dark-lanteru I had, and, lighting it, I tunied the lightdown into. the back yard, in the diroction of the noise. Wliat I saw I can teil aborii, bilt how I feit and looked would need a larger penthan mine to describe. To say that my hair stood up would be very tamo. It not only stood up, but it f airly lif ted me from the Hoor. I saw hanging from the clothesline a coupleof ïom-eats, tied together by the tails, and engaged with all their might in teaiing each othcr apart, while in the yard was a man with a bag, into which be was piitting my boots, boot-jack and other contributions, making for him a fair niglit's work, and, after gathering np all the spoils, as he unslung tlic cats Erom the line and placed them in the bag and sealed the fenec, it dawned upon me that I had been sold. I blow out my light and crept into bed, wondering il' my angul grandfutlior was not smiling from beyond the clouds at his


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