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By the govornnienfr survoy the positiim of Kalainazoo has been determined to be in latitudo 42 degrees, 1" minutos, 26.63 soconds north ; longitude, 85 degroes, 'ió minutos, 05.60 soconda west of Groen wich, or as the Tdegraph says, one mile north of Ann Arbor, one milo north of Marshall, and four miles north of Paw Paw. At Lansing, on the 8th, fire totally deitroyed tho storehouses of Shultz, Satler & Co.'s stave factory. Loss, about $35,000 ; iusurance, about $20,000. Mra. Dwight Merriman, Mrs. H. A. Ilayden, Mrs. M. A. McNaughton, Mrs. Dr. Nims, Mrs. W. D. Thompson and a number of Jackson ladies have held an informal meeting and decided to devote mu. -h time and attention to the art dopartment at the fair. They will not only exhibit their own extensive art collections, but will solicit exhibits from all other parties in the city who have paintings, etc, worthy of oxhibition. - Jackson Citizen. The Evart Review says a large black bear was killed in the berry patch about flve miles west of Evart, tha other evening, by Mr. Jenquins. He discovered the oritter while picking berrios, and having his rifle with hitn hu made use of it to goud advantage. Probably the heavist bond in the Stato of Michigan is that of J. S. Wolcott and Co., the new cigar manufacturers of thi9 city. The bond was sealed and delivered in the presence of nine persons, the name and weight of cach rospectively as follows : Jerome Smith Wolcott, 285 lbs,; Harriet Jaokson Wolcott, 190 lbs. ; Ezekiel Smith Barnhart, 265 lbs. ; John Wheelor Turner, 275 lbs. ; Solon Simmons Saunders, 285 lbs. ; Barton Smith Tibbits, 215 lbs. ; Henry Kay, 255 lbs. ; Frank Lowia Warren, 265 lbs. ; David Bernard Purinton, 215 lbs. The average weight of each is 260 pounds, and the combined weight of all is 2,250. - Coldwater Jiepublican. The Tuscola Pioneer says John Truax, of Fremont, was killed while milking, by the falling of a shed, under wkich he was, on Friday last. A large quantity of straw had been stacked on the roof, and it is supposed the recent rains had wet the straw, and made it so heavy as to cause the roof to f all in. Three oows were killed at tho samo time. On tho evoning of the 7th inst., Col. Ebenezer Gould, the oldest practicing attorney of the Shiawasse County bar, died at his residencs iu Owosso. He had just returned from Charlevoix, where he had been spending the suuimer on account ot ill-health. He had been down town nearly all the afternoon, and seon after his return to tho house, and about ü o'clock, he complained of a pain in his houd, and expired in about an hour of apoplexy. Mr. Gould was a lawyor of good ability. He served his country well in the late war and was promoted to Colonel of the Sixth Michigan Cavalry near the close of the war. Wm. P. Everett, of Davis, Macomb oounty, gathered 3,000 Iba. of honey from 53 swarin of bees this season. J. W. Fitzmaurice has severed his connection with the Saginaw Itepublican, and taken the field as a red-ribbon leoturer. The committeo of the Board of Trustees of Kalamazoo College, appointed to nomínate soma man for its ñnancial agency, have unaniinously agreed upon tho Kev. J. L. DeLand, ot East Saginaw. Michaol Garvey, a switchman for the Chicago and Michigan Lako Shore Eailroad at Muskegon, accidentally caught his foot in a frog on the lOth, and had both legs cut off and was horribly mangled. He died instantly. Mr. Garvey leaves a wifo and seven children. Burt & Co., of East Saginaw, have purchased the New York salt and lumber works for a consideration of $31,000. The property consists of solar works, stoiim block, sawmill etc, and about 700 acres of land representiug an original investment of f 500,000. A daughtcr of Michaol Finnegan. of Jackson, aged eleven years, was taken into the woods a mile from the city Sept. 9, bouud, gagged and cruelly outragud, Shfi was found later in the day by twanien, who unbound her and took hor to her home.


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