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Conkling And The Administration

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Dispatch to tho Cinoinnati Enquirer, Dem. Loxa BltANcn, N. J., Soptonibar 1, 1877. - It is now definitely and positivaly known that lioscoo Conkling will pronounce against tho Administration at tho New York ÏStato Convention at Ilochester. Ho will control two-thirds or three fourths of tho delegatos, aud will die fighting or live influential. His private talk is not against Hayes, but against Evarts and Schurz. Ho says he is too oíd a Republican to help play his party into tho hands of the Democrats and rebels, and that Hayes' policy, if successful to his heart's content, oan have no other fulfíllment. ïhe New York resolutions will donounco Hayes' civil service order as extra-oonstitutional, and may possibly proclaim against his abandoninent of the South. Conkling says he has received over 1,000 letters iniploring him to protest against Hayes' suicidal and Deinocratio policy. He is in good health, and satisfied that Schurz, Evaite, and the Now York Times,' Post, Nation, etc, mean his ruin, and therefore he quits . his tent and assumes the aggressive. ïhi undeniable news puts the President and Cabinet in the first critical situation beforo the Republican party thoy have had. ïhe llopublican politicians in Now York are principally with Conkling, and the Democrats prefer him to any other Kepublican. He listons to no counsel of conciliation, and has acceptod the war so long meanly and claudestinely wagod against him. I have buen talking with people who have juat left Conkling, aud am assured that this dispatch only partly describes his spirit of antagonism.


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