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The Labor Party Of Pennsylvania

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IlARUISBUBO, Sept. 10. - Thirty delégate were prosont at tho State Labor Conventiou, Thomas W. Spurr presiding. Kesolutious wero udopted demanding tho abolition of the National banking system, the repeal of the specie resuuiptiou act, aad the issue of a currency based upoa the woalth of the whole natiou. They düolare eight hours a day's work, demand a sanitary inspection for all couditions of labor, a tariff for the protectiou of American industries, a bureau of labor sttttiaticB, the equalization of taxes, the abolitiou of tho contract system, the prohibition of the einploymout of prison labor, legislation makiug omployers responsible for injuries to employés through tho curelessness of the employer ; that public lands bo resurved for actual settlers ; arbitration for the sottlemeut of disputes botween capital and labor, compulsory educatiou, opposing the eniploynient of children uuder 14 in industrial establishuieuts, calliug for the abolitiou of all couepiracy laws, asking gratuitoua education ia educational institutious.and reoonimunding the principie of co-operation, distribution, and production. The followiug nominations weromado: Judge of Supreine Court, William L. Elwell ; Anditor-General, John M. Davis, Pittsburgh ; State Trcasurer, J mms L. Wright.


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