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Brigham's Apostate Son

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John W. Young, JJrigham m apostate son, who renouncrd polygamy severa! ycars ago, ïilong with two wive;, tq marry a hiuidsome Philudclpliia wiilow, has been lure'd back into the polygamie fold ome more by the cbnrms of onu ji bis brothei''s widows, a daughtcr of Mrs. Stenhouse, who is now lecturing agaiust Mormonism. Clara Btenhouso is tho only merabrr of her fnirily that still cliugs to this religión, and slic is so bigotetl and fanatieiü that for A og timo after her parents apostatized she reiused to even speak to them, and kredtéd them with the utmost contempt. John YouDg is the youngest child of the prophet's legal wife, and is tho martest, and has seen more of tbs outtiilc world than any other of Briglmm's children. He is a shrewd business miiu, a pulroad magnate in i nmall way, and hos been a very frequent operator in AVall street. His contact witli the Gentiles in his long and frequent visits to tho Inrge Eastern oitios has not tended to increase Iiík íaith in Mormonisni, and it has long been well knovrn that he only remains in the elmrch for tho emoluments wliicli liis father's PoaitioM afforded him. Of course these privileges, ineludiug the haiKiling of Chürch tiüiiug, were vcry convenient, but otherwiso he hacl no belief in the doctrinen of thiB gigantic religious fraud. Like the majority of prominent Mormons, John V, cmbraced polygamy, but for several yeare lio has been a mouoganiist. !is flrst wife was from Philadelphiá, and i wns while on a visit to her relativos ïat he met the woman for whom lie disnrded botli flrst and second wivcs. He ras a handsomo, attractive miui, and she dashing young widow, and it seems it was a desperate case of love atfirstsight. he knew very well abont his matrirnoial entanglements, as his first wife was ïcr own cousin, but that did not prevent xer accompanyiüg him to Utah under jromiee to marry liim after thcir arriyal he would discard his other wives, which ie accortlingly did. Tliis ncw laarriage f course puts out of joint the nose of ie müuo))olÍ Philadolphia wife; but ie popular verdict is that it serves her Hght, as kIhï carne out to Utah with the oahn determination of betraying her own cousin by defrauding her of her husbauil, and carncd her point with dogged pertinacity. She wae an Eastern-boru and educated girl, had already been once married, and could not find shelter under tlio exctiso that she was raised in Mormonism and had been taught that polygamy was right. Bhe may, perh:i}m, havo loved John W., but most people believe that sho was actuated by pure sclflslmess.


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