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Tho following statement will sliow tho unount of gallou-tax paid on spirits disilled l'rom matoriiils other than apples, xuclica, or grupos in the States nameel luriug the fiscal yoar emlcd Juiio UO, 1877: ir.i.iNom. FirKt district $ C,2SS,!ir,4 Sfi'nnil district : 10,390 rbirdUlstrlét 9so,r.r2 Fouvth diKtrii'.t 4!)n,19 Fifth (listrirt... 7,601,5(3 Srvcntli ÜH(rlct; KiRlith iitrti:t .. 2,54'2,!1'J Tentli atítriot ' cr.i) l'hirtccnth ditrict 1 i,:tó:l ïut!il $17,S47,2ü5 Abolisbod Oct. 2, Is7fi. INDIANA. -iiKt dwlTH't Í ".-:;.- Setlbnd district ï.i.c.i',.Fourth district S,3M80 Sixtli district 3S8,M I S-vonth flfstrict 1,571 V-u'' Elavi'iita district 4,'jr. Total $ 5,269,411 Abolishcd Nov. 1, 1OT.. KENTUCKY. BoOOSld (listrict $ 6f9,(i!: "l'hird ditrit 2,74' l'irtli ilistiiit 1..VJK.97: Sixth lUütrict 2 'HIJ.'.M s, ventb iliMrict 1,U32,35 Kï({llth district l7,06 Nuitli district 55,118 Total $ 7,009,718 'Abolished Sept. 20, 187G. MIHHOUKX. FlMt district , $ 1,521,753 S.ccihI district 4,002 Thini district r,,sni Vourth (Ustttct , 1 I .' I Fifth district 6S3 Sixth district 23,085 Total $ 1,573,747 ■tws&ii .o ai Firttt district $ 7,863,468 Ttlird district (; i;,.v.i I Fi urtU district 30r,,i;.",:i Sixth district 410,013 Scventh district 1(11,745 Tcnth district 89,203 Elcventh district 782,730 Thirtcrnth district 7 364 Fiftcenth district. '. . . . n,oy;i Eightcenth district 39,721 Total 7 $10,361,484 WISCONSIN. First district.. t-y-t' l,10:'..7K7 ÍWfcobd district 1,921 Tliird district 1,304 Total $ 1,106,111 A comparison of the above figures with üiose of tUe preceding liscal year shows tke following rflBult: ■- Stat,- 1877. I 76. niiiiuis $17,847.205 $19,457,817 Indiana 5,259,410 4.782,178 Kontncky 7,099,718 5,230,2fil Missouri l,57il,747 136,253 Oliio 10,351.414 Hí,378 Wisconsin .1,100,111 1,450,770 Total $43,237,675 $42.401,693 The following statement will show the intornal-rovfiuio reeoipts by States luid Territorios for the fiscal year euded June 30, 1877. This statement does not include the receipts for the sale of adhesivo stamps, whieh cannot be apportioned among the sevcral States and Territorios: Alábanla $ 108,010 Arizona lí.."._ ArkanSas 85,850 California 2,740,51)4 Colorado 75,775 Connccticut ., u, 661, iSi Dakota; 22,80( Delaware 470,175 District of Oolumbia 26,018 l'l"'idn 105.890 Ocorgia 27.S7'.I Idabo 10,502 IlUnois 21,870,203 Indiana 6,037,229 lowa hlO.;i'.l9 Kuuaa 130,703 Kcntucky , 9,534,424 Louisiaua 000,439 Malpe 79,620 Marylaud 2,70$;24IJ Massachusetta 2,608,726 Michigan 1,821,882 MÍffiinli.::::::::::;::::;:::::::;::;;: Iíü Missouri 4,450,068 Montana 90,79 Rébraska odj.74 ïjcvaita 58,31 Now llaiupalúre 2:11. '! Nów Jersey 4,'.)87,'.' Scw Mexico 17,71 New York 14 452 11 NortU Carolina ,, 1,775,31 Olilo í . . . . 16,471,681 OiCKou 53. 100 PcnnsylvanlB 6,279,04b Hlímlf: Tulanil 2M.ll Simtli GaifíHipA id:..i;: t. hnossee .' wt.i: Texas i)7,li Dtah avi: VcriJlOllt 5(1,0! Virginia 7,032422 Washington 21,87 West Virginia 461,0! Wisconsiu 2,81:7,4: Wyonihit? 15,20 Total fÜ2.M4,068 The íiftecn States from each of whiah OT(-r $1,000,000 were reooived contribuid in the aggrcgatc rver 101, (XX), 000, leaving Ickh than S',1,000,000 8 tlie aggregato amount of tx paid by the rost of tlie States and Territories. Illinois alone iaid nearly one-fiftli of the aggregate amouut collected, nnd tho threc States of I ! lüiuis, Olúo, and New York )i.iiil nearly oncHmlf of the entire amount colleoted dtiring the year. Tbe sixNew England Stiltes paid loss tlmu $4,000,000, whieh is considcrably below the amounts í'eceivod from single distriets iii somc of tlio Western States. Hongolians 111 Australia. We aro not tho only people who have 011 liiíiul a troublesome Cliiucse immigration quc'Btioii. Tho Cliineso are flocking to Australia in BUüh vast hordes that the colonists aro alarmed. In Queensland they are present in aucli uumbers tliat tho head of tho Government has addressed the Governors of otlior states, asking for uuitei action to check tho iutlow of tlxe Moiigoliiius. Tlicy ure mvaluable as workers, and tliere is not precisely such jealousy of thom as is feit in California; but in Qucenslaml tliey threaten to form a majority of the population, and much complaint is ïaade of the vices they introduce. It is proposed now to impose a peayy poll-taa apon them, and to refuse to allow fnture immigrants to land unloss they are aecompanied bythfir wives. A Welsh engmeer has invented an engine of warfare which consists of a camión so arranged as to discharge a sharp sword-blade crosswiso in the direc' i"n of tha. i'ïcmy, the knife being so poised in its coursc through the air as to cover the whole upaco in a longitudinal direction describcd by tho blade iteelf. An 8-inch ball would carry a sword 14 test in length 000 yards, mowing down every obstacle in its path. John Taytoi: Iwks has an arliclo in the Popular Science Monthhj on the trial of Jesus Christ before Pontius Pilate. Ho Biibjects it to a seai-ching analyjis in the light of what is known of Ilebrow and Koman criminal jurisprudeu'-c, and oonohidos that tho proceedings wero irregular Riitf illega] from begiunipi? to oud,


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