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The courso of the administration with regard to Mr. Cornoll suggests the inquiry whothor the body is wuggiug the tuil, or the tail wagging the body. It looks as if the tail had tho better of the argument. - Troy Times. Spenking for himself, Sonator Allison of Iovva, says that ho rogrets that Gov Paokard was not sustained in bis right ful authority, but as tho action of th President was final (mistake though i waa), ho soea no roason why liupubli eens should quarrel over it. It ia bot ter, ho thiuks, for theru to wake friends that they may not booomo food for th vultures of the Democratie party. The New York Tribune thinks tha Galusha A. Grow got at ihe center of great truth the other day in Washiug ton, when he remai ked that he though tho poople generally favored the philos ophy of the PreBident'spolicy, but don' admiro the negative nietbods of its exe cution. This is tho idea of tho Cincinna' Times in regard to what tho function of the Government should be in refer enco to the currency : " Governmen inspection, but private management - this is tho doctrine of Alesander Ham ilton, and the dootrino which, invaria bly pursuod, has niade England anc Franco tho financial wondors of th world. We must follow it. The peril of Troasury administration ofour ünau ces, control of our money markets, anc power to raise or depresa all valuos a tho will of a Sccretary who may be cor rupt, or a Congress which may be foo ish, should no iongor be invited." AU tho testimony from Pennsylvani is that Catneron rulo is beginning t broak. Gov. Hartranft and his frienc organizcd against it in the lato Stat convention, and, though badly beaten they havo begun to fight, and that i something new. Hartranft wants to b president, but possibly would n't mine taking Don Cameron's seat in the Sen ate, two years heneo, by way either o a compromiso or half-way houso. - Springjidd licpublican. An interviower at Saratoga ha drawn the following out of ex-Secreta ry Bristow : " My experienee con vinced me that reform in the civil ser vice of the Govornment is greatly neec ed, and I sympathizo with the Prosi dent's efforts to bring it about. By re form I mean an honest collection of th rovenue, and integrity, fidelity and eff ciency in all the public offices. Tho e: fort to separato offico-holdors entirel from politics is a novel experiment, an I don't soe how ono administration, whic lasts only four yéajs, cun bind its suc cessors to any snch rulo. I should re gard it as a sufficient credit to an ad ministiation to be able to enforco stric honosty, efficiency and ecouoray in a the public departaients and office leaving the incumbents, after the pro por diacharge of thoir official dutie with tho same privileges as to politie which every other citizen possesse Under our system of government, wit a change in the President and Cabine every four years, I doubt whether it i practicable to dissever the civil servio from politics to tho extont apparontl; contemplated by the President's order Estimates of the probable falling o in the voto af ühio this year, as com pared with November last, range a the way from 00,000 to 120,000. If th falling off should not be moro tha 50,000, the vote wil still be heavie than that cast at any eiection ever hek in tho State, except those in Octobe and November, 1870. Tne vote in tli auimated Allen campaign of 187 was 65,000 less thau that cast in Novom ber, 1876, and as the present canvass i tamo in comparison with that of 1875 it is not probablo.judging from surfac indications, that tho vote will reac that of two years ago. Judging fron the succosaos the Demoorats in the btat achieved in 1873 and 1874, aftor they had boen beaten by upwards of 37,00' in November, 1872, tho falling off in the vote this year from that of last wil affoct them less seriously than it wil their


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