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Judge Huntington's Decision

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un weuneaaay morning the County Clerk received, by expresa, the opinión or decisión of Judge Huntington in the Rose-Douglas or Uuiversity Laboratory oase, which we lay before our readora in full, iu a supplement to the Aitous. Without traveiüiug the line of Judge Huntingtou's reasoning, or attempting a synopsis of it, we inay aay that the conclusions substantially concur with the conclusions raached by the report of tho Kegents' (or socallod .MoGowan) committee in June, 1876. The delinquent doposit moneys receipted for by the lotter D., clairaeil to be?forged, are chargod to Dr. Douglas ; the delinquent accounts represente!! by the red lined stuba are charge 1 to dofendant Rose; the ledgor accounts not represented by stiibs or vouchers ure charged to Dr. Rose ; the forfeited accounts are (iividod betweon the two ou a liue cloarly detiued ; and a decrte is ordered eutered for an account to bo mude up ou such basis. Judge Huntington clearly states his rea9ous for his conclusión?, with not the least indication of partisanship or prejudice ; and those who dissent from his decisión will fiud it necessary to point out some reasons for denouncing it " as partisan and oue-sided," as is done in the following cali, circulated in bill form the moment tho Clerk received the decisión and bef ore it had been read by parties interested, an indication that its contenta were in some way known in advance : Public Meeting at the Opera Housb - The fiionds of Dr. Rose, who implicitly believe in his innocence, are requested to me-t at the Opera House, on Friday ovening, Sept. 21, at 7 1-2 o'clock, to exprees their ieelings and' listen to speeches upou the partisan and onesided decisión of Judge Huntiugtou upon the Rose-Douglas case. Rally, one and all ! men and wonien ! wlio have the courage to stand by justice and right. Many ClTiZExa. Our opinión in ly carry uo weight to the the frieuds of Dr. Rose, but let us say plaiiily that in attacking Judge Huntington they will hurt no one but themselves. In the trial of the case Judge Huntington showed entire freedom from personal partisanahip ; aud from the first of January, 1S7G, to now, the efforts before which a Judge would be likely to yield have all been on the side of Dr. Rose. The Legislatura and its oomiuittees ware manipulated in his interest; the press espoused his cause or remained silent as to his personal relations to the deïalcation ; and public opinión has been brought to bear upon the Uourt in his behalf. In fact, it has been said and repeated on our streets, and by men who ought to know better, that "public opinión had already decided the case, and Judge Huntington muit repeet such public opinión, whatever he uiyht thmk of the evidence," Dr. Douglas has fouglit his battle almost alone: against money, against prcjudice, against a powerful combination against great odds, and a Court seeklug popular favor would have found a way to decide against him. We wam those who differ from Judge Huntington's conclusions- tvho so differed before they or ho had heard the evidence- that " publio opinión " is not a Bafe court of appeals. It haS IlUllff ilinflCfitlt mftn and rlirtm fpaaitnm 4- great crimináis, and may err in civil as well as in criminal cases. The reputation of udge Huntingtou is fair and bright at home and wherever known ; in intelligence and legal ability, honor and integrity, he is certaiuly the peer of those who join in blackening his gooil name, highasthey may stand in civil, political or professional Ufe, in the church or out of it, and the thinUiug people of the State will not believe tliat he has sold himsolf for Ies8 than a mess of pottage. The effort to excite the public against him savors of a weak cause and deserves seveie condemnation. We should have said this much wero the friends of Dr. Douglass dofeated aud indignant ; we cannot discharge our duty to the great public and say less now. - Itis understood that figured up on the basis of Judgfl Huntington's decree, soms f 4,300 are found in tho hands of Dr. Eose, and something like 51,300 iu the hands of Dr. Douglas.


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