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Teacher's Institute At Saline

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The Superintend ent of Public Instructioñ has appoiuted a Tenohecs' lnstitute for Washteuaw Oounty, to be held at Saline, oommenoiug at 2 p. in., Monday, Oot. 1, 1877, aud closiug Friday eveuiug of the same week. All teachers in the county, aud those iutendug to teach duriug the coming year, should, it possible, be present. The exercises will consist of lectures on school management, discipline, and methods of iustructiou, ïllustrated and enforced by class drilla iu the common JLuglish branches by competent instructors. A lecture of a moro popular character will be delivered each evening. To these exercises, both day and eveuing, the public are respectfully iuvited. The citizens of Saline with commendable hospitahty, promise free entertainment to all teachers in regular atteudance at the lnstitute. Teachers should brmg text-books aud note books. This is one of the flrst of the series unjer the new lnstitute law ; it will be conducted bv Prof. Zelotes Truesdel. of Aun Arbor. sisted by Prol. Josoph Eitabrook, of the Normal ; aud every efiort will be made to reader it of practical value to teuchers. It is hoped teachers will appreciate and avail themselves oí theae opportunities for improvement. H. S, TARBELL, Supt. Public Iiistrmtion. - On Tuesday evening Supt. Tarbell will dehvar a lecture on " The Public Schools aud the Public;" on Weduesday eveniog Prof. Oiney will lecture on "The Characteristics of the True Teacher ;" on Thursday eveuing Prof, Estabroot will give a lecture. Subject not furuished. - We have roceived a communicatiou from Emil Baur, Superintendent of Schools in the towuship of Aun Arbor, earnestly urgiitg all the teachers in that township to atteud the above luatitute.


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