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üur magazine exchanges for Ootober have come to our table as follows : Jlarpers' New Monthly has 105 illustrations, piotures creditable to both artiat and graver. The illustrated papers are : Mytown - a iiamelesa New England village- truthruüy described by Rose Terry Cooke : Hanting the Walrus, by W. L. Alden ; The life of a New York Fireman, by William H. Rideing, both picture and text telling an intensely intereating story ; Tho Campaign of Burgoyne, by W. L. Stone : A orroup of Classical Schools, part II, by Horace E. Scudder ; From Br usa to Constantinople, by S. G. W. Benjamin ; and Popular Expositiou of Some Scientific Experiinents, by Dr. J. W. Diaper, - this time Burning-Glasses and Mirrors. There are five more chapters (xlviii-lii) of Eienia, or My Father's Sin, by R. D. Blacfcmore, and two short stories, On a Melón Schooner, by B. Plullips ; and Raspberry Island, by Constance F. Woolson, and thoroughly characteristic of that lady. The Regular Army of the United States by Gen. Geo. B. McClellan - in which an increase of the army is advocated - is worthy the careiul attention of politician, legislator, and atatesman, - not always three in one The poems are : Girl and Woman, by Fannie E. Robinsou ; Fabrics, by Edgar Fawceit ; An üld Umbrella, by C. P. Cranch ; and, The Home Concert, by Mary D. Brine,- the last two illustrated. The Editorial departmenta, especially the Drawer, are well filled. Haepee & 1ÏB0THEK3, New York. The Atlantic Monthly has : The Queen of Sheba, viii and ix, by Thomas B. Aldnch, in which Lynde is still uncertain as to her identity but makes a seoming misadvanture, getting caught in a severe mountain storm near Chamouny; The Procession of Flowers in Colorado, by H. H. ; In Memoriam, a poem inscnbed to John Lothrop Motley, by W. W. Story ; A night in St. Ptster's, by T. Adolphus Trollope ; Urude and Curioua Inventions at the Gentennial Exhibitiou (reaping, throshing, and grindmg), by Edgar H. Knight ; Ten Years in Early English, by Arthur Gilman ; Some Bambling Notes of an Idle Excursión, by Mark Twain, - and Twainish enough ; A Willow Tree, by Edgar Fawcett ; A Counterfeit Presentment, by Howclls, coucluding his Comedy ; Old-Fashioned Ghost Stories, by H. B. K. ; Crickets, by John Weiss ; Echoes from au Old Parsonage, by Mrs. Edward Ashley Walker ; My Love, by Annio M. Brookway ; and " Dear Love, let this my song fly to you," words by (J. F, Lathrop, muéic by üeorge L. üsgood. In the Contributors' Club books and authors are famiharly discussed, and in Recent Literature a dozen or more late books reviewed. H. O. HotroHTON & Co., Boston. We have numbers 41-44 of Zelfs Popula Encyclopedia and Universal Diclionary, revised edition. The alphabetical space covered be gins with the termination of the article on Massachusetts and enda with Nettle-rash Among the leading subjects are Methodist Mexico, Mineral Coal, Michigan, Minnesota, Musio, Metric Systein, Napoleon, and Nervous. Completo in 64 numhers at 50 cents e:ich. Baker, Davis & Co , Philadelphia. The Architect and Building News is generally successiul in the selection and treatment of ts subjecta- buildings, details, eto.,- for ïllustrations, but in tho number for Sept. 15 excels tself in reproducing, on steel, the " Grand Stair Case of the New Opera House in Paris."


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