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The Grangers And Plaster

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The Exeoutive Committee of the Michigan State Grange, consisting of J. W. Webster Childs, of Washtenaw ; C. G. Luce, of Branch ; L. E. Jeffers, of Kent ; F. M. Holliday, of Hillsdale ; Westbrook Divino, of Montcalm ; J. J. Woodman, of Van Buren ; and J. T. Ccbb, of Kalamazoo, wore in session here at the Morton House, Grand Bapids, September 11 and 12. Of the business transacted by the committee the public in general, and the granger in partioular, will only feel interested in learning that the committee have made a very satisfactory arrangement with Messrs. Day & Taylor, of Grandville, to furnish the patrons of the State with piaster. As this is the same company that supplied the order lastyear it looks as though there had been fair dealiag on both sides. The whole piaster business of the Grand River Valley has been in a demoralized condition for the last year. The grangers of the State were plucfey and sustained their State committee in a most praiseworthy mannor. The wnoie piaster Dusiness 01 tue order last year was done through the office of the Secretary of the State Grange. No changa was ordered in the programme, and the business of tho next season will take the same direction. If the farmers of Michigan don't use piaster next year it won't be because it costs too much. In this matter it is generally understood that the grangers made a success of the business, and came out ahead in the protracted fighfc with the Piaster


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