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Sam Cox expresses bimself ns confident of liis election to the Speakerahip. Thebb is evidently no foundation for tlio numerous stories relative to Sccretury Schurz's probable retirement from the Cabinet, or Lis appointment to a foreign mission. The Mexiean war veterans will renow their attempts to secure a law granting pensions to 1,000 veterans at the nnxt session. The Pension Bureau is said to favor the project. So pab as is now expected in the departments, says a Washington dispatch, there will be no appropriations asked at the extra session aside from the Army bill, except tlie deficienoy to meet the re(uiremonts of navy pay and the necesBitif 8 of the courts. Friends of Kepretjve Atkins, who bas an Army bill pi-ópoyed, y thftt, froci auch an uaterolmnKfl g views s btyi bftii heA by l etter duriiig tho rccess, he thinks tho rnocrats will go no f-irther in their pposition to the Armv bill than to insist pon a reduction froii 25,000 to 20,000. The present is the second year since b.e establishment of the money-order ystem that there has been auy acercase i tho amoitnt issned by the Postofïlce Department. Last year, however, the ecrease was comparativoly slight, being ittle less than $400, 000. During the Lscal year ending in June the decrease was largely in excess of $4,000,000. Ora Mexioan relations are now understood to be far more aminablo than recent dispatches would have one to beieve. Instead of the bitter hostility said to have been lately asimating the administration of Mexican affairs, the 3tate Department nnd tho Mexican Minister at Washington respectively recognize and proclaim only the most jacific endeavors to break away all bariers to a cordial understanding. The question with regard to the President's sendingthe usual annual message and reports of the Executive Departments to the extra session was not long ago considered in tlie Cabinet, when it was agrecd that the message and accompanying documenta should relate only to tho business for which Congress is to be especially convened, and not to general subjects of legislation. It is thought, therefore, that the message will be brief. In the spring of last year Congress passed a ioint resolution requestincr the people of the counties of the several States to assemble on the eeutemiial anniversary of independenoe at the county Beats, and have there rcad a snociuot nnrrative of thcir county history, and to have one copy of such narrative deposited at the county Court House and another Bent to Üie Congressional Library. The limited extent to whicli this centennial observance was oarried out may now be judged by the fact that, although there aro several thousand counties in the Union, yct only some twenty-five or thirty county narratives havo been received at tho Library of Congress. Sbvbbaii numerously-signed memorials will be presented to Congress next nionth, proposing aniendments to the constitution abolishing the Presidency. All Executive Council, Council of State, or Cabinet is to be substituted therefor, composed of seven Secretaries, without any superior officer, all to have equal authority - that is, simply to strike out the President and authorize the Secretaries to havo the execution of the laws and the general supervisión of the Government. Four of the Couucil are to be elected by the House and three by the Senate, from members of their respective liouses, for tvo yeai-R, ono or all to be removed at any tima by tno House electing them, and all to have the rights of members in both houses. The Postoffico moüey-order system, it must be admitted, is one of the most convenient, safest and cheapest methods of making transfers of sinall sums of money from place to place yet devised. Yet, with all its advantnges, within the past two years tho business has considerably diminished. During the fiscal year ending June 30, 1876, the atnount of moncy transferred was about 400, 000 lessthan during the previous year, and the falling off during the year ending the 30th of June last was $4,000,000. It is not to be supposed for a moment that the money-order system is responsible for this decline in its business, tho cause of which must be looked for in tho competition of the express companies and the hard times.


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