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Whisky As A Detective

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That tliere is some good in evil is f ully exeroplified in the following singular incident, wliich oecurred a few evenings bíucc: A lady, the wife of a well-known citizen, residing on Broad street, whoee name, by special request, we withhold from pulhcation, entered her sleeping apartment late one night, after having retumed from an evening social, and was soniewhat annoyed at smelling whisky. Knowing that liquor was not used in the house, phe became frightened, and thought perhaps some intoxicated person had entered the premises during her absence. She called her husband aud another gentleman, who were in the jmrlor below, and when tliey anived an investigation of the room began. Mr. , the hnsband, crawled luider tlie bed, and while groping abont his head came in contact with something projecting from the iinder part of the "mattrees. The named article was removed, and snugly secreted between the slate and ticking was found a rough-looking man. When discovered, he sprung up, struek one of the gentlemen a stinging blow on the forehead, drew a revolver, rushed down the frout stairway, out of the door, and waa lost in the durk. It wai very yiaeüt thftt th iutnx.ler m n Hiioi, who, knowing that the lady had valuable jewols in her possession, had secreted himsolf with a view of robbing her when ehe had retired for the night. Now comes tho important part the whisky detective acted. The fellow, whoever he was, had carried a bottle or flask in his pocket, and the cork had fallen out, thuB cansing the liquor to run out on the earpet and wam the


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