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New Hampslure - Tho Legisature have chosen Joski'h Cillky, of Iingham to iill tho present unexpired erin in the Senate, ending on the 4th of Mnrcli. Col. Cillev is an anti-slnvery Wliig, In officer of the lnt war, a brother of iie lato Jonathan Cilley, and a son oj Cilloy of the Revohition. Tlie Lcgislaturo havealso elected iheir jtato officers. Geo. G. Fogg of lhe InJepcndent Democrat was choseri State Secretnry, James Poverley Sr. State Treasurer, Edward N. Andersou Conimissary General, nnd Asa McFarlnnd, of Lhe Concord Statesman ( W.) state printer. - Adrcrliser. Thk New (Iami'uiiirf: A. S. Sociktv held its nnnutil meeting week before last in Concord, witli much harmony. One jf its evening sessions it was allowed tho jse of the Hall of Representativos by u urie of that bodv, in which there was not a dissenting voice. Times in New Mrtmpshife, certamly "aint now nsthey used to was." Vcrmont. - At the Siatc Liberty Convention at Montpelier, on Thursdny the 4th, Lawhenok Brainard, of St. Albans, was noniinated'ascandida'te for Governor, and Jacob Scott, of Barre, for Lieut. Govurnor. - The pcople of Indiana have so modified the License law ns to brohibit thesale of strong drink, unless a majority of the voters in a' township vote or petition for i:. TeilllCSSCC - The Rcv. G. Brownlow, editor of the Joncsborough Whig, and well kiïown as the Tennessee fighting pailón, is lst Lieutehanf of a cornpaiïy of vohinleers raiscd in Ihat place for the Mextcan ;c. 3 jou isailia - A slave named Zer.or. the property of Mr. Davia of Barratnria, who rau away from bis master fourleen yearsago, was nrrosted yesterday on boani the sieamboat Empire; Imvingenjoyed his liberty for a considerable lengili of time. He will be retunïcd to his rnasier. [Pic. This is more tiian fivc thousand times betteríhan íf líe had beert taken, back the day he raí) away. for he enjoyed 5113 says of lilfórly. [Chronotype. A boisterous miui (probably crozy) who was recenth fbVnd leclunng shives in Waterloo, telling them to strike for liberty, was ten'ibly whlppecï and sent acrass the river. Á Louisiana vohrntcer, writing1 from tho Rio Grande to the New Örleans Delta says - CiOur fine glossy caps - whioh, wcre they madó of leather, would orrly assist the strn irr baíring whít little brains a völiïenteer has lelt - próved lo be made of glazed of tho thinnest texture, rotled in the manufacture. And this is but ö specimen which I hnve selected of nïany oliier thrng's thál could be mentiohed, in wliich it nppears tlie design of those who furnish the government is to give fhe poorest possible artiele for tho most exorbitant pice."CoiiiiecliciU.- The House of Representativas, by a vote of 111 to 63, have voted to submit to the pöoplc the question of amendinding the constitution as to abolish all dbtinction of color in regard to the privilege of voting. ÑCW York.- The New York legislaturc hals abolishéd the warrant of distress for rent, and prohibited any lease to be hercaftcr rnade for alonger pcriod than ten ycars. Thè Albany Atlas says, the notes of the Lew is County Bank are selling at 50 cents on the dollar. White Plain, 80; Farnicr's and Drovcr's of BuiFalo, 95. - Manufacture rs' and Mechanics' Dank, Nantuckél, 37. The cisc öf VVyatt was givcn to the jury on Tuesday, at 4è o'c'lock ín Iheafleruoon, and aller an absence of about one and a half hours, the jury returncd n verdict of guilty. The prisoner was to be genteneed yesterday, at 11 o'clock. The Judgcs' charge is understood to havo been strongly against the prisoncr. Gov. Seward, in continuation of bis protracted eflbrt to dofoat justice, spuke eleven hours, in his closing appeal. Two thousand two bundred and iiftyfour passengere, f rom Europc, arrived at Ngw York, on last Friday week. The N ew York Courier and EnquirejofSaturday, declares ittelf in favor of General Scott for the noxt Presidcncy. A bram Wilcox, convicted of Ihc'erof Samuel McKinsler at Saratoga, is j be hung on lhc28thof Jul)'. Au intelligent gentleman inlorms us hut the average wcalth of tbè ïneinbcrs f our State Convention is $40,000. lic hinks "property will be safe." No doubt )f it - but Uien will human rights, in gr.ïicral, "be safe," poverty bclookeil after? Grove Lawrence, Esq., at the warite tnöD meeting held at Syracufcc last week, ijitroduced the folio w ing resolution! "Gen. Ta3lor - in vulnerable as AchiU' es; uiwubdued hy toil, íus Hnnnibal: uuiiweil by numbers, as Leinidas; terrible to invaders, as Cincinnatus; llie guardián defender of the "lonc Star" State. May he receive, as he deserves, the plauditsot' a grótèfuï country." Who is more fit for the Presidential Chair than thi.s Arhilles-Haniübal-Leonidas- Cincinnatus TayiorJUlassaclMisclts.- Tlie N. Y. lLveningPost describes n must wondeiTul machine for ti king miniature likenesses. Nnture, nrt, cverylhing tangible, can ' be copied, by lilis machine, with n precisión whieh dénos the cliisel, even when guided by themnst skilful hand, nnd ciirected by the most gift cd talent. The machine, too, can be graduated so as lo give reduced copies of any statunry, whichshall, intheir ininialuro, be perfect and exact copies of the origináis in everything else bul the size ; preserving every line, furrow, and dimple, and giving prominence lo museíes and veins, and every particular linenment, and feature, in exact proportion. Asheeponly fifteen months oíd hos been shenreri, in Norlhanij'ton, Mass.; of a fluece w hich weighed eleven pou:ids and thirteen ounces. William Appieton, Emj., of Iioslon, has ofiíjrcd to givc iwcnty-fivo ihousand dollars towards founding an Episcopal Seminary in the Diocese, il" an cqutil suin can be raised for the sotne purpose, f rom other sou rees. Eühu Burritt has gone to Englan'd. Sincc the first of April, there have ar rived at the port of Boston about 4,700 emigrants f'rom Èurope and the provinces, and it is supposed that the remainder of the ('juarter will bring it iii f o 5,000 or over. The largest uarter hcretofore knovvn wus ihe second qua r ter in 1845, .when 5,100 passengors orrived.