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BIÏSI?ÏESS DIRECTORY. ?ÍíXÍd1mACIjEAN, M. I., Physician and 1) Sureeou. Office aud reBidence, 71 Huron street, uoArlxir. Oflice houra froin 8 to 9 a. m. aud f row riigTsOPHIA VOIIAND, M. D.t PhysiVl ci'an aud Surgron. Office at repidence, 44 Aun t Wü' attend to a professional oalls proinptr, d or u'ijkt. LK. McI'AKLaKD, Surgical and Mechanical Dentist, coruer of Main and Huron eg (.lackaon's old Btaud.) Great pains taken iu 1 wiler&tiüllB entrusted to my care Prices to suit ihfl time". AU work warranted. Teeth extracted mout pain. Office liours : 8 to 12 a. m.; 1 to 6 pK„.,; I lü 8:30 p. n. H. JACKSON, Dentist. Office corner of Main and Washington streetfl, over Bacb & is store, Ann Arbor, Mich. Anesthetics admiuKted if required. fíÑEiTS WOKDES, 20 South Main atreet, Anu Arbor, Mich., Wholesale and retail dealpa! Dry Goods, Carpeta and Groceriea. HACK & SCHMID, dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery, etc., No. 54 South Main - stteec B ACH & ABEL, dealers in Dry Goods, Groreries, etc., No. 26 South Main street, Ann irbor, Mich. MWAGNEK, dealer in Ready-Made Clothing, Cloths, CasBimeres, Yestiugs, Truuks, jirpetBags, etc, 21 South Main street. SCHAEBERLE, Teacher of the Kano-f orte. t Pnpils attain the desired skill iu piano-play■nü bv a systeniatic course of instruction. For tenns.'apply at residence, No. 12 W. Liberty street, inaArr. Prompt attention paid to tuning. ttT B. KLY, Organist at the Preebyterian W t Church, wiU give instructiou upou the piano or Orgau, or iu vocal culture aud harmony. lessonE given at pupils' residence. Terms, $15 per oureeof 20 leesons. Pianos tulied and repaired. l or address 15 Bowery Btreet. 1620yl 'MIÜAÑTIE M. MILNER, TEACHER OF THE PIANO. Instruction given at the residence of the pupil if ;-ircd. FortermB inqnire at reBidence, No. 48 South State areet. 161 EUGENE K. FBÜEAUFF, ATTORNEY AT LAW, AND JUSTICE OF THE PEACE. All busineBB promptly attendcd to. Oflice No. 8 Eaat Washington strect, Rinsey & Seabolt's block. NOAH W. CHEEVEB, ATTORNEY AT LAW. (Mee e8t side of Court House Square, Ann Altor, Mich. JOHN Ii. BURLEIGH, ttorney and Counselor at Law, No. 24 Bank Block, second floor, ANN AEBOR, - - MICHIGAN. HENRY R. HILL, ATTORNEY AT LAW, And Dealer in Real Estáte. Office, No 3 Onera House Block, ANN ARBOR. EVERYBODY 8AYS THAT REVENAUCH 18 THE Boss Photographer of Ann Arbor. 28 East Huron Street, up-stairs. C. H. WINöLOW, DEALEE IN PICTURES, FRAMES AND BRACKETS, VIOUNS AND GUITAKS. AUkiads of Repairing promptly attended to. No. 30 Eaet Huron Street. j. h. nsricKELs, Dealer in FRESH & SALT MEATS, Hains, Sauaages, Lard, etc, SUrE STREET, OPPOSITE NORTHWEST CORNER OF UNIVERSITY CAMPUS. Orders promptly filled. Farmers haying roeats Mll Bhould give Min a cali. 1568-yl THE ANN ARBOR SAVINGS BANK Ann Arbor, Michigan. Heceives deposita of One Dollar and upwards and lUows Fiïe per cent. interest on all deposita reuiniog three months or longer. KTEREST COMPOUNDED SEMI-ANiN OALLY. üo, baja and sells U. S. Bonds, Gold, Silver and Interest Coupons, and New York, Detroit and Chiu?0 Exchange. A'so bjUb Sight Draft8n Great B ritain, Ireland Cermany, or any other part of the European Continent. 'hls Bank is organized nnder the General Bon 'i ín of this State. The stockholders are indindually Hable to the amonnt of their stock, and 'kewhole capital Usccurity for depositara, weli, 'M Banks of issue the capital ia invested ior the cnrity Of bill-holders. This fact makes thia In'ütutiou a very safe deposit of moneys. Jtaried Women can deposit subject to their own drafta oüry. M"iey to lxan on Approved Secaritlea. BlBEcioiis- E. A. Beal, C. Mack, W. D. Harri""ii W. Deubel, W. W. Wines, D. Hiscock, W. B. Sfflith. , OFFICERS : Mck, Pres't. W. W. Wibes, Vice-Pres't C. E. Hisoock, Cashier. EBERBACH & SON, illlsts ei Pïamröis, 12 South Main St., -PJ on hnd a large and well selected stock of DRUGS, MEDICINES, CHEMICALS, DYE STUFFS ARTISTS' & WAX FLOWER MATERIALS Toilet Articles, Trusses, ttc. pURE WINES AND LIQUORS I ü'trotion raid to the furnihing of Phy toerjalstB, Schools, etc, witb. Philosophiea ' i! m'íl Appamtus, Bohsmisa Chfmica 'M, fofslin Wre, Pure Eeajenti, etó. BwSi fitcriptiom evrWly yrüjHwedii


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