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Christmas Memories

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AOED ONE. Good time, I suppose. Perhaps not - who hnows I AOED TWO. Very misty - can't reinember What took place in that December, AGED THBEE. A dreamy visión through the fog Of a rag dolí and a woolly dog. AGED FIVE. ChrietmaB trees and minee pieB, Lesa fog and clearer skies, AGED 6EYEN. Dancing-puinps and flowing ciirls, Incipient hops with baby-girls. AGED TEN. After the holidays going to school- Awfully jolly- no more home rule, AGED FOURTEEN. Home for the holidass with the track Of foreign rule upon my back. AGED SKVENTEKN. No more Bchool ! Oh, happy day, A coilege man has bis own way. AGED NINKTKEN. Fifth vacatiou this half year. Carne home to be domesticated ; Ductors ordered country air. And therefore I was " rusticated." AGED TWENTY-THREE. Palm trees and tropic glades, Coral reefs and dusky maids. AGED TWENTY-FIVE. Orange blossom and misty veils - Shot by the arrow that never fails. AGED THIBTY. Steady now ; settled at last, Work for the future - dream of the post. AGED FORTY. Wife and children 'round the hearth Sweeten Ufe and cheer the path. AGED FIFTY. Losing hair, alas ! alas ! Begin to think " all fiesh is grass." AGED SIXTY. Bald and grizzled now, but still G' 'ding smoothly down the hill. AGED 8KTENTY. riear the bottom of the elope, Near the grim old river That takes each worn-outgüt of life And bears it to the Giver.


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